Spam threads. Is flagging enough or do we need to report somehow?

Title pretty much says it all. One of the things I really loved about the old board was how quickly spammers were staked through the heart and their threads sent to the cornfield. I think I read somewhere that posts with enough flags are automatically hidden, but are the mods notified to follow up or do we still need to ring someone’s bell?

Thread in question

When you flag a post, there’s several check buttons, one of which is spam. If the flagging isn’t related to one of the presets, there’s an option to write an explanation.

That’s why I was asking. If enough people hit the spam radio button to hide the post, is a mod notified in the background to clean up the thread or are we just going to have spam carcasses littering the board.

I’m curious about reporting, does a flag bring a post to moderator attention, or am I missing a “regular” report function?

ETA I flagged my post and it says it’s bringing it to moderater attention, so yes?

Yes. I received reports on this post due to your flag on it.

I believe you can flag a post as “Inappropriate,” “Spam,” or “Something Else.” All are sent to us for review.

I flagged one of my own posts on Monday, chose “Something Else” was given a message box to explain. Within maybe ten minutes Miller replied with a PM.

@Colibre, you moved my thread from mpsims to cafe society
I saw a message from you about it. Did everyone else see it, as well?

(Not beefing about move, at all. Just wondering who sees mod notes on everyday things like this.)

Just curious - did you really think the post was a spam? I thought it was just sharing a pretty funny site. Maybe it’s just me…

I really did at the time. It had all the earmarks.

No. We receive notifications on anything that has been flagged for review.

In that case, there were a couple of clues that it wasn’t spam. One was that the OP has been a member for 20 years. The second was that it was a joke thread, though I guess you had to click the link to be sure of that.

You should check the join date and posting history of a poster you suspect is posting spam:

-Just joined today
-Has no other posts, or just a few inane posts. Sometimes spammers try making a few decoy posts before posting the spam.
-Post contains a link

I admit we have on occasion banned legit posters for those reasons (and readmitted them when they got in touch), but at least 99.9% of spammers have those characteristics.

I missed the join date because it’s not in the corner any more. I didn’t know you can click on the avatar to find it.