Only a limited number of people can report a post -- intended?

I tried to report a post as inappropriate and was met with a warning, that the post had already been flagged and does not need to be flagged again. Is this intended behavior?

Not a mod, but my guess is yeah, so they’re not inundated with multiple reports.

Intended or not it seems useful for moderators spending time on moderation rather than sorting through dozens of reports on the same post.

I have just reported a spam post and earned my “First Flag” badge. Badges are meant to confirm you’re on the right track - you have learned how to use this site and you’re doing it properly.

Flag a post a hundred times and the user gets auto-insta-banned!

Ban a hundred users this way, and you earn your @Marley23 badge!

Ban everybody, and you’re god!

With Community Moderation turned off, there’s no real reason to have multiple reports for the same post.

Might be nice (or a mixed blessing) to have a username shared by all mods (@SDMBmods or some such) so that any available mod can be summoned in an emergency. I think that can be set up in Discourse.

After thinking about it for a while I tried flagging a thread, and got a message saying (possibly not exact wording) “thanks, but we’ve already reviewed that and determined it does not need to be flagged again.”

Does that mean the moderators have actually reviewed it and come to the conclusion that the thread is OK (as they’ve made no comment in it)? Seems kind of unlikely at the moment, I’d think they were too busy. Or does it just mean that it’s already on their list of things to get to?

I would think that the number of users who thought a post/thread worth flagging would be something the mods might want to take into consideration, if only when deciding priorities for what to deal with in what order.

Those were my thoughts in starting this thread. On the one hand we don’t want to flood the mods with duplicate notifications, but OTOH multiple flags would be useful for prioritization. Quite a thorny issue I say!

it looks like if you use the option to manually enter why you are reporting the post,it will allow you to flag it even if it has been flagged previously.

Rest assured that they’re getting your reports. When they get one, they have a few options. They can agree with the report (which hides the offending post). They can disagree with it (which either does nothing or restores a hidden post). Or they can ignore it. You’ll get different messages depending on what they’ve chosen.

That way lies Group Moderation, and we don’t want that. I’d say start an ATMB thread about the post.

I flagged a post as spam and it instantly disappeared-- I’d say in less than a minute! That scared me-- I don’t want that kind of power. Did I do that or did a mod really see my flag that quickly?

Now, I am really jealous. There is a spamming post in Thread Games, which I have flagged but it’s been standing there for a while: Speak to me only in Science Fiction

It would be group moderation if the mods decided purely on the basis of how many people reported it, yes. I don’t think it would be group moderation if the mods were likely to give more attention faster to something reported by fifty people than to something reported by one person, in cases in which they haven’t time to get to everything at once. I also don’t think it would be group moderation, in cases in which the question is whether something’s offensive or not, for the mods to take into consideration if a lot of people found it offensive, even if the particular mod/s hadn’t thought of it that way.

–OK I’ve tried three times and can’t seem to get the quoting to work right on this post, and will run out of edit time. Hope you can figure it out.

True enough.

One of the quirks of Discourse is that a user gets a strike on their account for every flag that’s approved against them. So one slightly bad, but still against the rules, post that gets 20 reports earns them 20 strikes. One very bad, entirely unacceptable post that only gets 3 reports only earns them 3 strikes.

Keeping reports limited to one per post stops that problem.

I intended this post to respond to UY_Scuti, but it looks as though it might not be in the correct spot. Sorry, I’m trying to figure out how to use the new framework.

Are you the person who flagged my post, “You had a jumpship and you gave it away?” as spam? If so, be aware that this was not spam, butis rather a quote from a work of science fiction, which is the point of “Speak to Me Only in Science Fiction”. (The quote is from the novel Komarr, by Lois McMaster Bujold.) Sorry if there was any confusion.

If not, and you are referring to another post, never mind.

No, I am referring to a different post, which is gone now. Maybe I flagged the wrong thing, I don’t know. The post read: “U r right,” and it was posted by a religious fanatic (I guess) advertising a religious site with the same name (I remember them exactly, but I don’t want to be accused of prejudice against anybody).

I don’t think I flagged your post. The post I refer to was right next after mine, and I don’t see how I could have made a mistake.

I’m guessing that two people flagged the post. One of them clicked the OP or flagged the entire thread by accident.

New board and all.

Is the software permitted to take action against us based on “strikes?” I would certainly hope not. We have human moderators for a reason.

If Community Moderation is on, yes. It should be off here, though.

But given the apparent predilection of this platform for community hive-think moderation, is that really an offable thing? Or are we stuck with TPTB setting parameters to make it as unobtrusive as possible? (Say, for example, that auto-actions against a post or poster only happen after 10e25 flags?)