Do we still need to add "reported" to spam threads?

Do we still need to add “reported” to spam threads? I was under the impression that once a post gets some critical number of “it’s spam” flags, Discourse hides the post from everybody until it gets mod attention. If that’s the case, then I think it would be helpful if people stopped saying “reported” and let a few more people take the trouble to flag the post. Then each spam gets hidden that much faster when no mod is around to immediately deal with it.

Related question: does the type of flag matter? Or do all the flagging categories get counted for when Discourse decides when to hide the post?

No, you do not need to add “reported” to spam threads on Discourse.

If it’s spam, flag it as spam.

If you are flagging the post for other reasons, Inappropriate and Off-Topic can be a bit vague. It’s best to use Something Else for all flags other than spam.