Reporting spam

There is one thing I find a little annoying that I hope can be altered. If you click to report a thread as spam, etc. that counts as a post and sets up the 60 second wait before you can then post to the thread that you’ve reported it. You get the error message

“This forum requires that you wait 60 seconds between posts. Please try again in 4 seconds.”

As it takes maybe 5 more seconds to type “reported” and click post, could something be changed so that a report to the moderators didn’t start that waiting clock?

It’s a quirk in the system because the report generates a post in the moderator only forum. It helps us on our end so we’ll keep it. If you post “reported” then send the report there is no lag.

OK, thanks, I’ll try to remember to “lie” that I’ve reported when I haven’t first :slight_smile:

No problem. Hey, sometimes I post that I’ve moved a thread before I actually do it.:slight_smile: