the e-less thread. No e's allowed!

That’s right. It’s hard to do, but it’s fun. As long as you post actual words. Don’t try and avoid it by modifying parts of a word. I’m talking about actual dictionary words!!!


Now start posting! I want original, witty posts!

Fuck this shit :smiley:

Hmmm, too much thinking for this part of the day. I’ll try again after lunch, possibly.

“Hmmm, too much thinking for this part of ### day. I’ll try again #### lunch, possibly.”

OI!!! Naughty naughty!!!

Just think about it, would you? To put words without that particular symbol only can rough you up a bit!


Coldy’s drunk again! :smiley:

Damn, didn’t catch it. Thought I had it. I quit.

/lifts his mug to Dutch guy.


Do sigs count against you? :slight_smile:

“Do sigs count against you?”

No, that’s OK.

Youth, throughout all history, had had a champion to stand up for it; to show a doubting world that a child can think; and, possibly, do it practically; you would constantly run across folks today who claim that ‘a child don’t know anything’.

Gadsby was walking back from a visit down in Branton Hills’ manufacturing district on a Saturday night. A busy day’s traffic had had its noisy run; and with not many folks in sight, His Honor got along without having to stop to grasp a hand, or talk; for a Mayor out of City Hall is a shining mark for any politician. And so, coming to Broadway, a booming brass drum and sounds of singing told of a small Salvation Army unit carrying on amidst Broadway’s night shopping crowds. Gadsby, walking toward that group, saw a young girl, back toward him, just finishing a long soulful oration, saying '…and I can say this to you, for I know what I am talking about; for I was brought up in a pool of liquor!"

Good catch, H8!

I try. I fail. I shall not try again.

So what’s your point?

This is just stupid. What kind of fucking shmuck would start a topic such as this? Just know that not all of laugh at your childish ways.

In fact, all of MPSIMS is just plain dull. Why would a man or woman visit a location such as this? You, taking all this in right now, should not put so much of your day into a thing that is so stupid. Go, Now! Hang out with your family. Go outdoors! Talk a walk, ANYTHING.

But nooo, you will sit on your ass and bang on small buttons in front of you. Dismal bastards, all of you.

Why both… oh, no, ah, I want to say why try?

so doz the winnir of this contist git som sort of an award? If not thin fuck off. :smiley:

Oh why not, I’ll post to this. I’m just at work anyway. This will occupy what remains of my brain. Hmmm, that wasn’t so bad, now was it?

Any of you know who that Author was, his book had not 1 of it?

  • this is so hard *

I had a major collision with the bathroom floor on Sunday. I’m still in pain. I sprained various joints. I’m gimpy but still at work.


“I had a major collision with the bathroom floor on Sunday. I’m still in pain. I ######## various joints. I’m gimpy but still at work.”