"The Earth is hollow," says Raymond Bernard

I read “The Hollow Earth” many years ago as a teen, and found it fascinating reading. What was even more fasinating was that this book was not (supposed to be) a work of fiction.

I’ve been curious about the author, though. Does anyone know anything about him? I have been unable to find anything, whether that is his real name, whether he really has a PHD, and if so what.

Anyone know about him.

(No, I’m not a “hollow Earther.”)

Try this site for a quick look.

This site provides some commentaries and parallel thoughts:

The book itself is on-line here (along with several others):

A Search on Google brings up quite a few sites.


Thanks a bunch! Martin Gardner is da man!

“…And I have Touched the Sky”

“And I have touched the sky,” finished Dr. “Bones” McCoy.

Well… it was “For the world is hollow…”

And… it wasn’t Dr. McCoy who said it.

But I’m tired. So leave me alone.

To quote Bill Shatner: “Get a life, you people!” :wink:

I, on the other hand, eagerly cracked that book, after spotting it at a library used book sale, expecting it to be a hoot. I found it to be the most boring book of all time. He repeats each thing he says literally dozens of times. A good editor – any editor – could have cut that book down to ten pages without losing any of the “information.”

Do you want something even stranger, check out the theory of WARNING, LONG DOWNLOAD the Expanding Earth.

Only humans commit inhuman acts.

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There you go.

Someone on this MB was citing the Expanding Earth site just a couple of weeks ago. I was amazed at the basic silliness of the whole thing, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.


Of course the earth is hollow, and there’s a whole prehistoric world in there, with dinosaurs and cave-people runnin’ around in loin cloths and everything. It’s called Pellucidar.

Don’t any body read Edgar Rice Burroughs any more?

Dex, you spoil everything. I wanted to keep the neat stuff for us old people.