The effective life span of LSD?

I have a sheet of 1960’s era blotter acid that I’d like to get framed and matted. And while I’m positive the active chemicals have long since oxidized, I’d like to be sure (and not by licking the back or anything) before I hand it off to a frame shop.

Background: I found it in an old 1969 restaraunt guide and I’m almost positive it’s been in there the full 30+ years by the quality of the color, the indentation made in the pages of the book over time and the way the ink has “migrated” slightly into the surrounding pages.

Anybody know for sure if LSD has a stated life span?

Not sure offhand, though I think this might be a good time to learn a bit of “do it yourself” framing.

Yah, I would think that if it was illegal to own, possess, grow, process, think of, draw, cut, roll, or smell 30 years ago, it is today (assuming the laws haven’t changed, nitpickers).

IANAL, but I think that LSD + time = LSD. While it might not be “active”, I doubt that it would be legal.