The effects of health care reform on next election.

Just a quick, fun, poll to see how the HCR sausage fest affected Doper preferences in the upcoming elections. By this I mean has it made you even more likely to vote a certain way, even if you were likely to vote that way before it?

For the record, I don’t like the bill very much though I do like some of the stuff that is in it. I would have preferred going to a service limited single payer system with gap insurance. Maybe extending Medicare to everyone. But regardless, even though I don’t really approve of the bill I was happy to see it pass just because the Tea Party folks and the Republicans disgusted me with their rhetoric and obstructionism. This year, even though I am conservative on many issues, I plan on voting straight Democrat because I am so disgusted with the right. This is how I was affected by the HCR fiasco.

None of the options apply. You just assume that everyone against the bill (now law) has such a slanted, stupid point of view as you obviously imply?

You’re not going to get good data from the results of this poll with such leading questions. :rolleyes:

Hmmmm. I tried to use leading, tongue-in-cheek questions for all the options, but on re-reading I see you are right that I did not do the best job with that. What if I could have changed the first one to read: “for the Democrats as I believe in state control and allocation of resources.” Or how about “for the Democrats as I believe that it should be from each according to their ability to each according to their need.”

Anyway, I was trying to be funny with my slanted, stupid points of view; willfully making each option into a caricature of itself. If it didn’t work, meh…

Actually, that would have improved it from a balance standpoint. :slight_smile:

It’s hard to say who I’d vote for this far away. I like to read the candidate’s positions and choose.

I probably am much less likely to vote for Republicans. Sometimes that’s hard to do here - this state is lousy with them. Heck, I’ve got 'em in my family even!

I chose “Other” even though I’m much more likely to vote against the Dems. The choices you offered were just so obnoxiously worded and conservatives generally don’t like to waste time vilifying other people just because we disagree. I’m pretty sure that tactic comes from Saul Alinsky and we don’t usually follow his lead.

Yes, we all know that there are no conservatives who vilify people they disagree with.

The categories were intended to be funny.

I think this would have been a slightly more interesting poll if you asked how you thought people would vote in general.

Fwiw I considered choices 2-4 marginally humorous but saw little funny about choices 1 and 5. Penny for your thought.

I agree with the “badly worded” crowd. Your wording on all the questions amounts to “supporters good, opponents evil”. Only supporters who actually believe opponents are selfish poor-hating evildoers would find any humor in your wording.

Seeing as how this bastardized bill is one of the worst ideas in US History, I’m voting like I’ve always done- against those socialist Democrat bastards that keep trying to take my money and give it to other people.