the electric vandal

is it possible for electricty to be bad? ive been livin in this house for almost a year now and alot of electrical appliances i have have been goin all nutty. the house is old and the electricty is wired so lousy that we cant even have an A/C.
Ive had two VCRs a TV and my scanner go ballistic on me after being plugged in for a couple of months. the tv flips out and the picture and sound start buzzin. the VCRs wont play and if they do its in fast foward or all fuzzy. the scanner starts to make the same buzzin noise.
whats the dilly?

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It seems to have affected your “shift” key as well.

Yes, you could have bad electricity. You could also have bad wiring. Only your electrician knows for sure.

Right after Dad died, Mom’s lights started burning out rapidly. (She had to replace some bulbs two weeks after being replaced) She ended up having two problems: water was getting into her breaker box & the point where the electricity came into the neighborhood and was distributed to the homes had a switch that was set to manual(IIRC).

What country Mars? Hmmm

At any rate, assuming the USA, call your electric comp and have them come out and check.

Something happened to me once and I called them, they came out ASAP [in a hour] cause they thought it was pretty dangerous. They needed to reground the house, the pole and the box on the side of the house. Whew, I was getting too much voltage coming in.

Why have you waited a year before complaining about this problem? Sounds like you’re getting too much voltage. You’re lucky nothing has shorted out or caught on fire.

Call an electrician today.

Mars, listen to Guy: call an electrician. I don’t know how old your house is, but a lot of homes in the early 70’s were built with aluminum wiring. This is wiring is a tragedy waiting to happen. It has this strange habit of shorting out/heating up and catching things on fire. Very dangerous.

Call a pro. They can check the circuits you are specifically having trouble with. You may have a loose connection that’s giving you an uneven distribution of power and screwing up your appliances.

I know just enough to get myself in trouble so I always call the pros.

Good luck!

…it has never been my way to bother much about things which you can’t cure.

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My Power Co-op told me that if the nuetral line in the service drop (the bare aluminum) is chewed through by tree rats all manner of electrical chaos will ensue. Basically he said that the line voltage would no longer be at the nominal 115 VAC. Death to the squirels !

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>if the nuetral line in the service drop (the bare aluminum) is chewed through
Thats interesting since I’m pretty sure neutral current return should be through the grounding rods.