The Elite automobile

I found some old keychains in my attic incuding Dodge Dart, Plymouth Fury,Chevy Nova and something called Elite.I searched a little couldn’t find anything but Lotus and I’m not fer sure that is it.

Was there another car called the Elite? Who made it?

The background logo sorta looks like a coffin from the top view.

There appears to have been a rather hideous Ford Elite.

By golly,that must be it.Thanks.

Seems like the question’s been answered but there have also been two Lotus models to use the Elite name - the Type 14 and the hideous Type 74/83.

Oldmobile made an 88 Elite.

I’m not aware of that one. There was an Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Regency Elite produced from about 1991 to 1996 (and a Ninety-Eight Regency Elite Supercharged in '94 or '95), but I don’t think there was an Eighty-Eight Elite in any of those years. The Olds 98 Regency Elite wasn’t considered a separate model like the Ford Elite that Darryl Lict aptly described as hideous.

What puzzles me is the coffin-shaped logo on the keychain. It sure doesn’t sound like a Ford logo, unless it was something specific to that particular model. I think Mad should take a photo of his keychain logo and put it up somewhere (and I’d like to see the Fury and Dart ones, too, please :D).

Look at this 1975 Ford Elite advertisement. Look at the hood ornament very closely.

It could be construed as “coffin shaped”.

ETA: I owned a 1974 Cougar, basically the same thing as the Elite. I didn’t and don’t consider them “hideous…”

Just sayin’.

What about a scooter? Honda made one called the Elite E.