The Elmer J. Fudd syndrome

Do you have it or know someone who does?

You know how Elmer gave that little chuckle after he said something? I know a several people who do it constantly–even when they’re not saying anything with any jocularity. It’s just a habit. One former co-worker punctuated every sentence with what I described as a “hummed chuckle.” It’s something you get used to, but it’s always annoying at first.

I think I might, but I think I only do it when I expect others to laugh also. I just give a little laugh after saying something. Plus I am super-sarcastic and it helps to tell people I’m not serious about that little ‘barefoot and pregnant’ crack. Or maybe I just think everything I say is funny.

Huh huh

My poor father. He gives a little half-chuckle uncontrollably, after every sentence, and has done for years and years. Even though he’s the sweetest guy in the world, people make fun of him behind his back.

Lately, I’ve noticed I do that occasionally as well. Someone just put me down like a dog…

I had a boss once who did that. But unlike Elmer’s, the boss’s chuckle had a particularly evil sound to it. It could send chills up the spine to hear something like, “Spoons, I’m going for coffee. Do you want any? <he-he-he>”

I also worked with a person once who did the same thing but had a more jolly chuckle. It seemed harmless enough most of the time, but it did make you wonder about him in certain contexts: “Did you hear that Bill was injured in a car accident on his way to work? <ha-ha-ha>”