The email that won't die

Hello Everyone,

Here’s something I’ve never seen before and I can’t figure it out. I use yahoo mail for my email and about ten days ago I got a spam email that made it through the filter. I never opened it, checked it and deleted it. Check my email the next day and there it is again. One would think that the email was just resent, but the strange party is it appeared in the same chronological order as before it was deleted. Meaning it appeared as a new email (in bold to indicate that it hadn’t been read) not at the top of the list, but back below the email that came right after it a day ago.

I’ve deleted this email at least ten times and each time it appears either hours or a day later, right back in the same spot an unread. I’ve deleted it using my tablet, desktop and phone. Weird, how do I make this thing go away?

Did you try checking it’s box and marking it as spam?

I would try opening it and deleting it, that’ll at least mark it as read. Another thing to do is check in your deleted folder and see if you have a bunch of copies there. I have seen the date/time get spoofed on emails so they show up in weird places in my inbox. Not only that, for some reason I don’t get an alert on my phone when one comes in but if I look at my email inbox, it’ll be there, but I’m sure that’s just a fluke of the client I’m using.

Yeah, lots of spam has incorrect timestamps. I have mails from 2001, 2003 and 2010 in my spambox right now, despite the fact that I emptied it just a few weeks ago.

I think that’s the most likely explanation: it’s a different mail each time, it just keeps getting sent to you with the same timestamp each time.

You’d think that there is no reason for spammers to use fake and unrealistic date stamps, who’s looking at the email that is maked as 2004 anyway ?

And they wouldnt want to as the wrong date would be adding to the spam score (eg If datestamp would add 30 points of out 100 threshold for spam ?? Senders reverse DNS might add 50… ) and get the spam blocks as spam more often.

Still spammers aint real bright…

I got an email a few weeks ago: no sender, no subject, no content and dated 1970. Damned if I can figure out what that was all about. I deleted it and have had no recurrence but a friend of mine gets 10 or 20 of these a day and they’re all dated 1969 or 1970. Truly weird.

Midnight at the start of 1 January 1970 is the zero of the “Unix time” era. It’s quite possibly that an email with no date might appear as an email from then, if the system defaults to a zero date.

1970 is the beginning of the Unix Epoch, so on a lot of systems use “number of seconds since 1 Jan 1970” as their time format. So if 0, is passed in for those fields, you end up then.

In the US, you’re more likely to get sometime in the evening of Dec 31, 1969, since the epoch is based on GMT, but the time display in your e-mail program is based on your local time zone.

Or it took a really long time for delivery. Maybe it’s spam for extra-wide ties or the Chogyal of Sikkim needs help with claiming an inheritance.

one reason for older dates is that when you delete recent spam with abandon it will show up at the bottom of your list.

Why not a little program done either by the email providers or as some kind of add-on that will give a button for the option to add any email to a blocked list on your computer, and/or to the email provider to add to their in house list?

Once they get a X thousand reports, they just block the address or the IP?

I can add key words to my on board list but that can be tricky because some of the common words are in many emails that are not spam or other bad forms of email.

Nothing would be perfect I know, but it is such a PITA to do all the stuff to block each email, add to the lists, report it, etc… Why not just a little program with a button?

My gmail account does pretty well but the spam folder fills pretty fast so why can’t I have a button to just block those? The file would get too big to fast for the storage space on the average computer? Or the space required by Google to do this is too big or would become unmanageable very quickly?

It would seem to me that it would be in the email providers interest to do this just to reduce the load on their equipment or save them $$$ on paying for band width?

Humm, does Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc. have to pay for bandwidth to somebody? I know nothing about the net at that level…

Gus, you can set up filters using Gmail to automatically delete incoming spam.

I had something similar to this. A spam email appeared in the preview window even though it never appeared in the inbox, spam folder etc. I didn’t know how to get rid of it.

This seemed to work: I closed the tab for Yahoo mail. Opened up a new tab, and opened up Yahoo mail in it. Problem solved.


If, in Yahoo mail, you click on the down arrow beside Spam, you get to report a hacked account or phishing scam. I think Yahoo blocks addresses with too many reports.