Emperor Clinton I went to India-bringing over 1000 bloated courtesans from the Imperial Court at Washington. The total entourage needed 24 USAF C-5A transport planes, and the total cost is estimated at $55 million! Where is the outrage over this! This is more than the US spent on relief for Mozambique!
This is really like the court of King Louis XVI, on the eve of the revolution-total wretched excess, and the Washington “court” (like Versailles) can’t imagine why the subjects don’t lovew the king!
Does anybody have a guillotine hany??

I think I saw some outrage over in Great Debates. Let’s check it out.

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What is there to be outraged over?

I’m last guy you would ever figure defending Clinton…but lighten up.

This is what presidents do. Take a trip, bring a shitload of people, shake hands, go to banquets, make toasts…It’s called foreign policy.

While Bill & Chelsea tour the Taj Mahj, our undersecretary of whatever is making deals and hobnobing with their minister of whatever.

WHen I read the Topic: line, I thought “The EMPEROR” referred to Bill Gates.

Computer programmers are a lot cheaper to hire in India…

I would imagine that Clinton wouldn’t have bloated courtesans. Then again, Monica ended up doing weight-loss adverts. (^:

Just for future reference, egkelly:
courtesan = prostitute
courtier = follower or “hanger-on”

And I agree with kknick34: every President travels to foreign countries; it’s part of the job of dealing with foreign leaders. Ol’ Billy-can’t-keep-his-pants-zipped is not taking a leisurely vacation in India, he’s trying to prevent an atomic war between India and Pakistan, for Pete’s sake!

Like the repeated-ad-nauseam “outrage” of Clinton issuing executive orders (like every single frikkin’ president since WASHINGTON), do you really think that Clinton is the first President to travel abroad? And how do you expect a President to travel? Coach class on a scheduled airliner, with no aides or assistants of any kind?

I’m a solid Republican who wanted Billy Liar impeached and removed ASAP, but this isn’t a reason for it. If it was, every president this century would have to have been impeached!

Now there’s a job I could do.
Wonder if I can get Gush/Bore to appoint me?