The End is Coming

My choices for the destruction of Earth
and/or total annihalation of the homo sapiens species

  1. Meteor Impact:
    Not good for dinosaurs, or humans

  2. Earth loses its orbit around the Sun:
    " Brrr its getting cold "

  3. Sun explodes into a Super Nova
    This ain’t Oz Dorothy, you really are melting

  4. Aliens Attack
    They have finally triangulated our location, and their Sun is about to explode

  5. Man Made
    " Incoming! Incoming! This is not a drill! Initiate launch sequence! "

  6. Natures’ Revenge
    Ice Age, Drought, Tsunami, Plague, locast swarms whoevers left

  7. Rise of the machines
    Oh wait, Schwarzenegger did this one, we’ll just use their time machine to …

  8. Terrorist Attack
    The mother of all suicide bombers

  9. Armageddon
    The Beast, 666, rapture, war, oh thats right, good guys win 1000 years of peace

  10. 22nd Ammendment repealed, George Bush elected Dictator for life
    Better get your life right people, we are doomed.

How many years do you think we have left?

Reading this reminds me of the Drake Equation that is used to predict how many intelligent lifeforms we share the universe with, one of the elements of the equation is the ‘lifetime’ of a civilisation evolved enough to communicate. Estimates I read varied between 50 and 1,000 years before a civilisation became so advanced that it ultimately destroyed itself or the eco system they relied upon to live. Personally I give us about 500 years before some jumpy radar operator launches a super-bomb in retaliation to a flock of radioactive geese heading his way and wipes out all life on Earth.

I pick “gay marriage occurs.” Volcanoes everywhere explode as a result, Nazis ride dinosaurs, who have come back into existence, and then the world blows up.

I think we have a good five hundred years.

  1. 22nd Ammendment repealed, George Bush elected Dictator for life

Actually, I guess repeal of the ammendment wouldn’t work, it would require abolishing the Constitution. In any case, I would prefer any other scenario on my list before this one.

I wonder how likely a plague is. Is it even possible for a plague to completely wipe out humanity? Or will there always be some people immune, even if’s a small group?

Yeah, I doubt any one plague could wipe out everyone, but if it moved quickly across the globe, it could really put a dent in the population.

But in my scenario, they had to escape the ice age, the drought, and the ones who did, were ravaged by the swarms of locust. :eek:

In my apocalyptic world, the hole in the ozone layer expands to cover, well, everything, and it becomes so unhealthy to be outside that nobody will leave their homes; as a result, the Starbucks coffee chain is driven out of business and the world economy collapses. Without an economy, there are no jobs, so nobody drives to work, and without all those cars running and generating heat, the global temperature plummets and next thing you know, we’re in an ice age, so there’s no food growing, people starve/freeze/die of boredom without a new season of Survivor.

How exactly would that happen? Would gravity just switch off one day? We’re more likely to see nazis riding dinosaurs.

If Earth collided with another celestial body it could be knocked off its orbit.

Unless the Jurassic Park movie is a possibilty, Nazis will never ride dinosaurs.

The global temperture is dependant on cars running?

Other than that, I think you’re spot on. I’m dumping all my Starbucks stock.

Let’s see… I’m 48, so I can’t say that I can reasonably survive for more than 60 years, and maybe not survive until tomorrow… and when I go, all you figments of my imagination go with me… I’d say less than 60 years.


The people at your door are your friends. They are our friends. Go with them do not resist. You will be kept perfectly safe and fed a nutritious diet along with having healthly aerobic exercise evry day.

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this causes you, but you gotta think of the big picture.

If all 10 happen at once, would they somehow cancel each other out? It would be quite a show, that’s for sure.

I should take this opportunity to link this website, an authority on this sort of topic.

In my apocalypse scenario, I will get evicted.

My daughter’s father will leave us in frustration.

World ends.

Sociological Apocalypse, aka the “Henhouse Scenario”—The progress of civilization and the spread of modern, “progressive” culture produces a population that’s thoroughly “domesticated,” a paragon of human advancement over bestial nature.

Sadly, such “sivilizing” also results in a coddled, oversocialized community that’s unable to bring itself to defend against any violent throwbacks with a modicum of willpower. (Imagine Genghis Khan in a village full of Eloi.) In the end, it just withers away in it’s pretty ideological purity, while the barbarians reinherit the Earth. Time left…a century or so. Give or take.

On the plus side, civilization will leave some lovely ruins for whatever rises up next.

But, Dennis Quaid skis to New York and saves everybody, we all move to Mexico, Sela Ward is saved and marries me, and a humble Dick Cheney becomes president, so everything is fine.

Another good one, How to Destroy the Earth. Why wait for nature to take care of it, when you can destroy it yourself ! :smiley:

I concur, except that a collision probably wouldn’t cause it. It’d have to be a massive planet sized object nearly missing the Earth, and moving in a parallel direction, so it would impart some additional velocity to Earth in its solar orbit. It’s hard to see how this could completely pull the Earth away, but it could raise the apohelion of Earth’s orbit, causing a yearly temperature dip.

Actually that strikes me as an interesting scenario, but I can’t creatively write my way out of a paper bag, so that’s a story that won’t be written, at least not by me.