The End of Time. NOW what???????

What everyday things would happen in real life if time just “stopped”?

Would my watch stop working? Would I stop aging? Would I have the day off from work? Or would I be frozen in some sort of metaphysical state until it started again?

Or is time truly unstoppable?

Slow news day?

If time could stop and it stopped, you wouldn’t realise it. Once you became unfrozen you’d just continue on the way you were going.

Time is a very real and necessary component of the universe, as one Prof. A. Einstein suggested. Without it the universe would cease.

Does anybody REALLY know what time it is?

If time stopped nothing would happen. Things happening is a function of time.

Yes, it’s the movement of objects through space in relation to one another.

If time stopped, time stopping would be the situation. Stuff would still happen is what I’m thinking.

The Time Lords would become energy beings of pure consciousness, or something like that.

Oh, you mean in this universe? Nothing would happen. Literally.

If time PERFECTLY stopped then something like nothing might happen.

Its TIME for me to go to sleep - peace all :slight_smile:

Does anybody really care?

Whatever it is, lunchtime is doubly so.

Robert Jordan would be out of work.

Functionally, different moments in time represent alternate distributions of matter and energy in space (obviously matter and energy are the same thing, and maybe space, too).
If time stops, nothing happens. Forever, which would be a long time since nothing would be happening. :wink:

If time paused how would you measure how long the pause was?

Who’s to say that doesn’t happen all the time?

Pretty sure he is.

All sports except for baseball would come to a halt.

Time stopping makes as much sense as space stopping. Nothing will “happen,” since things exist in space, and they do things in time.

No, nothing would happen, because time is the measurement of things happening. If things are happening then time is moving. Time is a dimension just like horizontal and vertical, and depth. Time doesn’t ‘move’ it doesn’t ‘stop’, bodies move through the various dimensions in relationship to one another, and we call this movement, ‘time’.