The englishman slapeth?

I’m a guy & I got slapped in the face by an englishman [From England, duh, on visa] a few months back. I decided to exit the room. However, a kid who was in the room at the time told me that the english fella told him a little later, ‘that’s how we handle things like this in England.’

I’m surely not aware of that custom. Is it really a custom in England to settle matters that way? Does that mean that they are never prosecuted for it?

Pull out your Magnum 45 and shoot him twice in the gut and say, “That’s he we handle things like that in the U.S.”

Alternately, you could come back with six friends (preferably football palyers) all dressed as American Indians, and toss him into the harbour, and say, “That’s how we handle things like that in the U.S.”

The guy is just being a jerk.

Is it too late to file battery charges? Maybe you could get him deported.


Handy - no.

I can’t speak for every Englishman, but it sounds a damn stupid way to settle things to me.

I never touched him, ref, honest!
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Just a pathetic excuse for bad behaviour. I know a lot of Brits and have heard of this slapping nonsense.

Good for you for rising above it.

Hmm can’t say as I have heard of this either… my Brit was more of a tickler


I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

I kinda like the way Robin Hood handled it in ‘Men in Tights’
He’s a putz. I lived in England, and that is nyet kulterny there, too.


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Wait, I’m confused. Why’d he slap you? What were you doing that he’d want to slap you?

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SanibelMan, oh, I thought someone might ask that sooner or later. It sounds weird, but here it is:

I was trying to get my work schedule at their house from my boss [woman]. This english guy kept interrupting [arent they ever possessive?] so after 3 or 4 times, I told him ‘shut up!’ He gave me that two finger english thing, ‘up your butt’ sign.

My boss signed to me privately 'tell the guy that what he signed was ‘Im gay, blow me!’ I thought, no way, I don’t know him. So instead I said to him, ‘you signed, Im a Brit & Im stupid.’ Then he gave me the old slapper.

So I went out cause I wasn’t going to be able to get the schedule with people in that kind of mood.

You’re lucky he didn’t dress you up in a schoolgirl uniform and spank your bare bottom.

I’ve heard that that’s the way they handle things in England.


This is the weirdest thing i’ve ever heard of. Guys slapping guys, WTF. IMO, it’s rude words or knuckle sandwiches. Girls slap. And morris dancers.

Not sure how I would respond to being slapped. Call him a wuss? Kick him in the 'nads?

You took the high road, but it sure does feel lame thinking he got the better end of the deal. Just know us folk here think you’re the better one.

Handy, that was the gentlemanly way of handling things. I probably would have done that.

Although, I personally probably would have felt better by belting him one.

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BATTERY? for a mere SLAP?

No, no, the battery is to make your torch light up when the power goes out.


Right, battery is reserved for something much more serious. You’d need felony battery before the INS took notice but Im not interested in the INS taking notice.

Surgoshan, in america, you just can’t hit people back, it would escalate, plus, what kind of example would that set for the kids that were in the room at the time?

This might sound unbelieveable but the guy denies ever slapping me. sigh.

The correct procedure would have been to invite you outside before slapping you. It’s tacky to try to start a fight indoors.

Handy, it sounds like you need a ‘dueling glove’, a la Homer Simpson. :slight_smile:

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It seems to me he was inviting a physical response. I believe I would have given him exactly what he asked for.

Well, I think you should have dragged him outside and beaten the snot out of him. He was rude, and rudity deserveth its comeupance. Of course, just because I think that he should get his head bashed in doesn’t mean that, if I were in your situation, I would have had the guts to do it…

I sold my soul to Satan for a dollar. I got it in the mail.

handy, your reaction at the time was appropriate, and your confusion at present is understandable. Every so often something happens to us, seemingly out of the blue, that hotly stings us to our souls. But the average, sucessful person can discern between as a gross but momentary humiliation and a life-threatening situation. What marks us as higher animals is our ability to transcend the flight or fight impulse, and simply draw a deep breath, then get on with our lives. As a young man I often practiced Irish karate (we Irish don’t throw punches or wrestle per se: we grab our oponent by the hair or collar and bash his head into anything - no pun intended - handy)As an older man I’ve checked my rage on even more occasions. I think my fortunes overall were better served by the latter response.

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