The Enquirer predicted these for the 1990s

I came across an Enquirer magazine from January 2, 1990. It is the predictions for 1990 issue (and it had predictions for the decade). For kicks I read it and here are some things it said:

-cure for the common cold will be found in squid ink

-Jackie Onassis will marry Jon Bon Jovi

-Oprah and Arsenio Hall will have a romance and team up onscreen as a singing/comedy duo and remake crosby/Hope “Road to…” movies

-Lisa Marie Presley will form a country/western band and be highly successful

-a pet food giant will discover a by-product of it’s dog biscuit making process will cure baldness

-researchers will discover an anti-aging drug that will stretch lifespans to 150 years

-Madonna will have quints and refuse to name the father

-Castro will be jailed when government is overthrown and die in jail

-the first true clone of a human will be born in 1997-an exact duplicate of a wealthy Asian tycoon

-Mike Tyson will be heavyweight champ for 12 years, being beaten by a Cleveland boy in 1998

-Fred Savage will become “Tonight Show” host in 1997

-Patrick Duffy will invent a device that battles stress by sending inaudible calmong signals to the brain.
LOL I LOVE that magazine! :smiley:

Amazing, but whay did they get wrong?

So that’s where rogaine comes from.

Gaines burgers. Rover. Damn!

(slight hijack)

I once did a news article based on this idea. Some of our local papers asked some pyschics, astrologers, etc. to do some predictions for the coming year. So, I clipped them all, put them aside for a year, and then called the psychics up.

The best guesser only got 25-30 per cent right…and predicted things like “Madonna will have problems with her reproductive system…” when she actually had a baby! There were wrong predictions about who the next premier would be, the results of the provincial election, etc.

The story wound up to be hilarious…one of my favorites.

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The science editor of the Providence Journal (Gene Emery) does this on a year by year basis and reports every year. I think he gets bylined in the Skeptical Enquirer as well.