The Evolution of Handwriting

What causes the overall style of handwriting to change? For instance if you look at the Declaration of Independence, you’ll notice that not too many people sign their names like that nowadays, or write with such flourishes. Even if you look at a postcard written in 1920, you’ll notice that the handwriting style is significantly different than it is now. What kind of forces out there are instigating this change?

Let’s stop to think about this. 200+ years ago not everyone could read and write. This was a very valuable skill.

Therefore you get people showing off their skill. Even up to World War I there was a lot of illiterate people in this country.
I recall in 6th grade be taught by my teacher to write with style as it was a reflection of you.

Boom flash to the 90s where everything is done on a computer you don’t need to write nice. In fact writing nice is considered by Handwriting experts to indicate a non business personality. After all why waste valuable time writing nice when you are an important buisnessman with a secretary