The experience of drugs

You can laugh at me or consider me naive or a greenhorn or whatever, but in all honesty to my own embarrassment I have absolutely no experience of prohibited drugs in all my lifetime so far.

Should I try them? Were it as simple as trying alcohol and tobacco I would or I might. On second thought, I am afraid of trying drugs. But I have tried alcohol and tobacco, and they don’t appear to be of any attraction to me.

I am afraid of trying drugs because I might get hooked and become very dependent on drugs. But the real reason is because it’s much more troublesome all around to try drugs than to try alcohol and tobacco, starting with the inconvenience, cost and risk of its acquisition. Now, I will not go into the possibly greater calamity of alcohol and tobacco in society compared to drugs generally. But is that so?

I have this philosophy: if one can’t and won’t try something himself, and if he’s really curious and thinks he has to have the straight dope, he can always asks others who have the experience.

So, all you guys here, who have experience of drugs, in your Internet anonymity, and notwithstanding the Internet identity that you might want to preserve in a good light if at all, may I just ask you these factual questions about the experience of drugs:

  1. The very first time you take drug, did you like it? the way you like it the very first time you tasted sugar, or touched your wife?

  2. What exactly do you like in taking drug? Is it something nice that you experience in any one of you five external senses?

  3. Is it like the experience of or more properly the mood state of having eaten a good meal?

  4. Is it like having sex, experiencing an orgasm? Even though we are told that “omne animal triste post coitum”.

  5. Is it like when you lie in bed and can congratulate yourself that everything is all right: enough money in the bank, breathing properly, secure in your bed, no one hating you or after you to do you harm, not having any pain, ache, or discomfort?

  6. Is it the feeling of an emotional glow when you succeed in fixing something like the auto power steering pump, or having sung admirably to an audience?

  7. Is it like the feeling of being in love and having your love reciprocated?

Briefly: Is it a desirable sensation, feeling, or state of mind?

Anyone here with the experience of drugs, please enlighten me. And please be concrete in your language.
Susma Rio Sep

I have a bad feeling about this thread’s future. You might be more likely to get an answer at another message board, or by searching the web. (Erowid’s site is a good one.)

If you want a helpful answer, it would help to be more specific. There are plenty of mind-altering drugs, and they all have very different effects. Being high on pot is nothing like being drunk, or high on mushrooms or acid or opium or ecstasy. For example, here’s a psychological study of marijuana’s effects.

Getting “hooked” and not being able to stop isn’t much of a concern with hallucinogens, though. Different drugs have different potentials for addiction, and I recommend staying away from the more addictive ones such as cocaine, opiates, and amphetamines.

This is not a factual question so it doesn’t belong in GQ. Because it deals with illegal activities, I doubt the moderators of any other forum would welcome a thread like this, so I’ll close it rather than move it.

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