The Falcon and the Snowman

I just watched “The Falcon and the Snowman” on TIVO. It’s a good movie with Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton. The end story is a true story about how the CIA got the Australian Prime Minister removed from office (the only one ever removed from office). My dad was the designated press officer that week and boy, did the shit hit the fan. The phone rang off the hook for days. I’ve never seen my dad so mad. I was just a kid and was scared. I just quit answering the phone.I spoke to the Australian equivalent of Mike Wallace and Walter Cronkite. I felt I had to pass them on but then I felt dad was going to punch me out.

I thought he might have been CIA, but he sure didn’t know about this.

Cool. I remember being haunted by this film when I was 15 or so. The scene that stays with me, 30 years later, is when the Penn character is trying to convince his family he’s legit — showing them slides of some Caribbean vacation property he wants to buy for them.

When I first read your OP, I thought you meant it was the only time the CIA has instigated a coup/resignation — I thought, “Uh, hello? Guatemala? Indonesia? Chile? At least a dozen others?” Then I realized what you meant. :slight_smile:

I remember seeing this years ago and being slightly blown away by the fact that it was based on true events. I really enjoyed it. I wonder if it stands the test of time because I thought back when I had seen it in the theater it was very well done.

I don’t follow. What or whom was he the press officer for?

US Embassy

The book written on it was excellent also…

Australia didn’t generate a lot of news in those days, so they didn’t have a full time press officer. It rotated week to week among the senior staff.

I think the sequel to that book was equally compelling. Written by the same author (Robert Lindsey), “The Flight of the Falcon” details Christopher Boyce’s (played by Tim Hutton in the movie based on the first book) escape from federal prison and his adventures on the lam.

This is not America.

Heh I never knew he escaped …he’s what 50-60 years old now?

Sounds like a bit of a conspiracy theory to me.

I’m sure it’s a good movie notwithstanding though

It wasn’t

He did, but he got picked up fairly quickly. I suspect he’ll die in jail. He’s got to be well into his 60’s now.

I worked with one of Boyce’s brothers in the late '80s. I remember he was a real dick and I wondered if it was because of his association. He would have been in middle school when it happened and probably got a lot of shit.

I’ve not seen it in at least 25 years and really the only reason I saw it then was because of (my sweet babies) Sean Penn and Timothy Hutton and to see if they filmed it locally. At the time, I didn’t find the premise that interesting but I think I would appreciate it more now.

Also, This is Not America is such a great, haunting song and fits perfectly.