the family.. cyber generation a la carte

I started going online in 1998 - geocities chat - some people went there everyday and we started being a “family” 12 kids - parents - some aunts and uncles - nieces and nephews, divorces, reunions… it was very complicated and funny. We left geo and called ICQ our new home.
Somehow we lost touch in 1999…

Guess who I met today! My niece!!! hehe
It s nice to hear a few stories of what has become of the cyber-dad and the cyber sisters and brothers. Life has treated those I have heared about good. :slight_smile: It s just a shame that there are so many who just disappeared. :frowning:
Anybody else ever had a cyber-family outside the straight dope?

If you had one in geocities - remember having relations called Moonshadow, some, shadowcat, pink unicorn or Ulrika?
Well… you are most certainly of dodgy blood then :wink:

the reunited one