The far east

If the planet were really round like the so called “scientists” would have me believe, why is Japan called “the far east”?

One of the most moronic questions I’ve ever heard. That’s because Japan is far east from the perspective of Europe.

Just what shape would you call the planet?

Because it’s east of Jerusalem if you take the overland route, like Medieval Europeans did.

If you think that’s a bad reason, take it up with some Medieval cartographers.


Ah say, ah say, that’s a joke, son.

everybody knows the ‘far east’ is over in the far corner and so is far away and different.

Because we already know where the “Middle East” is, and the “Far East” is in the same direction . . . but farther.

Oblate spheroid?

If you look at a map of the world centred on the Greenwich (prime) meridian, Japan is far to the east.


Psst… I know a shortcut :wink:

Columbus, my boy, I think you’ll find it’s a bit further by that “shortcut” of yours.

If Columbus is Columbus, Ohio, no it isn’t. :wink:

This is GQ, Curtis. Tone it down.

It is in bad shape.

Of course in the Pacific War Japan and its territories were to the West.

Remember when the Middle East was called the Near East?

Remember when our empire spread its wings from Armenia to Lusitania?

Remember when you could travel from the Eternal City to Londinium along safe, well-maintained roads?

Remember when you got an honest denarius for an honest day’s labor?

Pepperidge Farm remembers!

I haven’t heard Japan seriously referred to as the “Far East” in decades. Who have you been speaking with?

The ‘Far East’ is really a region so you would not be very likely to have heard a country referred to by that name.

I don’t think anyone’s moved the region, though. :slight_smile: