The Farmer Astronaut" Who Dreamed THIS Up?

This movie looks bizarre! A Texas farmer builds his own rocket and launches himself into space? The premise of this is just weird? Is thisbased on anything real? How MUCH would it cost to build yourself a Jupiter rocket and mercury capsule? And, would the FAA cause problems for you?

If you want a non-snarky answer, it’s Michael Polish. Haven’t seen his other stuff, but none of it looks glaringly awful. None of it looks that good either.

Nitpick: It’s “The Astronaut Farmer”

Oh! :confused:
I thought this was a remake of Salvage I. :smack:

You misspelled “ripoff.”

My wife and I roll our eyes everytime we hear, “If they were weapons of mass destruction, you wouldn’t be able to find them.”

Such a terrible, lame line.

Am I a bad person for wanting to watch this?
I love Billy Bob Thorton.

When I saw the trailers for this, I immediately thought of John Varley’s novel, Red Thunder about a washed up astronaut, his genius cousin, and a bunch of kids building their own spacecraft to reach Mars. For about 2 mil. But they build it in a big warehouse in Florida. While not Varley’s best work, it is intriguing to consider.

However, *The Astronaut Farmer * looks like major suckage on film.

From the review on Ebert and Roeper last weekend, it appears that they start with the rocket and never explain how this guy was able to build it and wire it up. Salvage 1 at least started with the rocket. It sound to me like they couldn’t explain how the plot point could be explained, so they punted. Billy Bob will act all over the place, so who cares if it makes sense. :rolleyes:

Just the latest in his string of 90-minute hair-club infomercials.

I would watch this film if Billy Bob simply played the part as his character from either Bad Santa or Slingblade. Of course that would affect the PG rating, but what a movie it would make.

Mee-shun Controwul, this is Asternought Karl. I like the way you tawlk, mm-hm.

Well there is Brian the “Rocket Guy” sadly his website isn’t working right now but here is a link to a news story about him. Pretty interesting guy. Who knew that a simple childerens toy licensend to Disney could fund a rocket building enterprise in Oregon.

I find it quite lame that the movie is resorting to the “eeevil government agents are trying to stop him from launching the rocket cause they don’t want anyone horning in on NASA”. Um, X-Prize anyone?

As hard SF, this premise is about on a level with Santa Claus Conquers the Martians.

Done as an *Airplane-*style comedy, it would work. But I have little hope.

Isn’t that kind of like the graphic novel series, Open Space? I seem to recall an L. Neil Smith story in there with a similar view.

Has Billy Bob jumped the shark? He used to have the Midas touch, but this… and Ice Harvest… and Bad News Bears… I dunno.

I think he ran outta steam.

When I first heard about the movie, the person I thought of was Bob Truax. He’s the guy who built Evel Knievel’s X-2 Skycycle, and he was also trying to build his own manned suborbital rocket in his garage, using surplus rocket parts.

Yeah. Billy Bob I usually like, but this sort of plot line is just too stale for me.

The movie probably didn’t have a chance from the start, but that angle just KILLS it for me. WTF? Multiple ppl and companies are at least PLAYING with attempts at orbit IRL (I say play, as some never seem to get anywhere), and I never hear about any Ruby Ridge action on those fronts. There are other directions they could’ve taken this, and while none of them were likely to end in an Oscar speech, at least they wouldn’t have ruined a Billy Bob vehicle.

Heh, vehicle! I made a pun!

I disagree. I smirk every time I hear it. What balls to use it in a preview! I have no idea if the movie will suck or not, but I’m there for Billy Bob, Virginia, and that line.