The fascination of youth brings a tear to my eye (MOVIE SPOILERS)

Normally, I don’t see the members of the tutoring center I work at outside work. Some other coworkers of mine run into them. Which is kind of wierd since I live very close to my work, and many of the members of the tutoring center (kids) live literally 1 or 2 blocks from my house!

One day I overheard some members talking about transformers while they were waiting for their mom to pick them up. My ears pricked- I am somewhat of a transformers fan, a big fan of the G1 era, particularly the cartoon. They were talking about the Robots in Disguse series, a lackluster anime version of transformers which really feels like a watered-down anime-fied version of G1 transformers.

I leaned over to them and asked them, “Have you ever seen Transformers:The Movie?” Their eyes got as big as saucers and they asked, "There is a Transformers MOVIE?! " and I said yeah so they start asking me about a zillion questions about it. They had heard that Optimus had died in an earlier series and I tell them how he actually had died many times, once in the movie near the beginning. They were shocked. They knew he died, and seemed logical it was in the movie of transformers, but at the very beginning of the movie?!

Well, the next day after work I was eating at McDonalds and who do I see but these two little kids from yesterday. They recognized me and sat down at my table with their happy meals, excitedly telling me how they had nagged their mom to rent the movie that very night I mentioned it to them, and they were absolutely AMAZED at it. I was flattered. To them, I was this cool guy who knew all sorts of stuff about Transformers. I was the first person to tell them about stuff regarding Transformers that happened before they were even born. They asked me all sorts of questions about the movie, like who was Unicron, why he was destroying everything, what happened to him, Galvatron, and the rest of the transformers later on. I was able to answer all their questions and was just simply impressed with how much respect they gave me on the topic.

It’s like that with me and my little brother’s circle of friends. If they need help on a Nintendo game, they come to me. To everyone else I’m a geek, but to them, I’m a GOD.