The Final Fantasy XIII Countdown Thread

Release date is 3/9/10. I have my copy pre-ordered from Amazon.

The FMVs that I’ve seen have been pretty sweet so far, so I have high hopes for this one. Also, it’s the first stand-alone FF with a female lead, so that might be interesting–FF has never been the best at designing female characters, though.

I wonder if there’s going to be any major difference between consoles. I only have an XBox 360, because it had better RPGs in general than the PS3 did (which I thought was quite the shift, as the PS2 kicked the original XBox’s ass), so I’ll be getting that version. And while other Square RPGs had extra downloadables for people who bought early copies, this one doesn’t appear to have any of that at all.

So, who’s excited? Has anyone here managed to get their hands on a playable demo? I’m curious about the battle system, especially.

Damn, I can’t wait until September! :wink:

Although I’m a PC gamer primarily this is in my top five ‘must-buys’ this year. There have been a few good FF-type games out since FFXII (I have a stack of RPGs to play on the 360 still). I thought Lost Odyssey was fantastic. However the FF games always seem a step ahead.

Is the battle-system similar to Last Remnant, in that you control groups of people instead of individuals and the battle-map is now in 2d? I don’t read much about console games so I’m not too sure.

I reserved my copy. Yes, I am a dirty, dirty Final Fantasy whore. I have them all.
This is going to have to be one tremendous game to make up for the suckage that was Dirge of Cerberus. I also wasn’t particularly enamored with XII.

I’m worried about this game. Everything I read indicates that it’s not going to be good, and that concerns me, because as a rule, I am a big fan of the genre (if not the franchise).

I’m also pretty sure the whole “we have a female lead” thing is going to be a bait and switch kinda like FF12 was, where initially everyone thought Asche was going to be the main character. I have this sinking feeling that surfer dork in the knit cap is gonna be the ‘real’ main character.

Visually, the rumor is that the 360 version is not -quite- as nice as the PS3 version, but that unless you actually sit them down next to one another, you’re not really going to be able to tell.

I haven’t really been following the battle system, except that you only directly control one character again, and it doesn’t sound like the ‘scripting’ for the other characters is nowhere near as intricate as the FF12 gambits, and instead just involves assigning “roles” of some sort (not clear if you can assign multiple roles or just one or what) from the traditional MMORPG archtype list like “Defender” “Healer” and “Blaster”. Sounds like a snoozefest to me. =/

I really, really, don’t understand how people are being so persistantly inept with the JRPG genre this generation. I’m really VERY forgiving of these games, but NONE of the recent Square/Enix offerings have been any good at all. Grim.

Wasn’t Terra considered the main character in FF6?

My excitement for this one has been put on hold ever since reading this preview.

The last thing I want is another 90% movie “game” like the last Metal Gear. Also, part of the appeal of FF games for me is discovering the boat, vehicle, airship and instantly being able to travel all over the world and find hidden locations. The preview makes this one sound like it’s all linear. Still, I’ll probably get it because even a bad FF game is better than most anything else out there.

I bought it a couple of weeks ago, but haven’t played it yet. I never got around to playing XII, and I’m not letting myself play XIII until I finish that one up. I’m hoping that that’ll happen this weekend.

Yes and no. She wasn’t really carrying the entire story and the game frequently focused on the other people of the party. She is “officially” the lead, but it was really a more shared lead in that game.

I know. Several reviews have said it is not that strong an entry.

I always considered FF6 to be more of an ensemble cast.

I’m mildly perplexed by it. Reviews that I’ve seen say it’s more movie than game (albeit a stunning CGI movie). The combat system sounds interesting. I saw video on Square-Enix’s website and wasn’t really enamored, especially after reading a review where you only control one person in battle and just assign roles to the others to fill, depending on need (healer, magic attack, physical attack, debuffer, etc.) and the AI does the rest.

I don’t want “more action”. I want “more RPG”, even if it has to be a JRPG with bad dialog and crazy stupid plot twists and excuses to split the party up. Blue Dragon was perfect with the gameplay, but REALLY bad with the dialog and the usual kid-heroes that are so hard to get out of JRPGs.

It’ll be the first Final Fantasy game I’ve played since…7? I’m looking forward to it, but with the most baited of breath. It’ll also by my girlfriend’s first Final Fantasy since 3, so I don’t know how we’re going to handle these changes.

Maybe I’ll just ignore it and go pick up Blue Dragon again. I never did finish it (it was really easy) and the girl never played it.

You should really pick up IX. It was cool.

X is a bit over-rated, but was OK as well. XII was fun to play, but the characters and story were not very good, to me.

I will put in the obligatory counterpoints here:

IX did nothing for me and felt mechanical.

XII fascinated me with the story (Hooray! A story that’s not about saving the world from a tremendous and inexplicable force!) and bored me to DEATH with the combat system and gambits. It was like taking the standard JRPG turn based battle thing and instead of saying “how do we make this more fun” they said “how do we make it so that you have to interact less with the un-fun”. It’s stupid. Plus the idea of not being able to tell a party member “I’d like you to heal me if I get to 25% health” because you haven’t bought/found/whatevered the “gambit” that allows your party member to understand the concept of “do something if I hit 25% health” is the dumbest most immersion breaking combat mechanic ever.

Anyway, I have more fear than hope for FF13 right now.

Least Original User Name Ever - if you are looking for an RPG to play with your girlfriend, I suggest picking up Tales of Vesperia, which as far as I can tell is still the best JRPG on the 360 and possibly the best JRPG of this generation (Depending on whether you count titles like Demon’s Souls and Valkyria Chronicles) - though that’s not really saying that much. It’s very pretty in a very anime sort of way, has a decent cast with only one really annoying kid, and if the story falls apart in the 3rd act, it’s at least entertaining to play… because it features multiplayer co-op battles. And the system is both simple enough that my wife can play it (says a lot) and deep enough that you can do some crazy stuff if you have a mind. It’s the best game in a weak field, but doubly so if you have someone else to play with.

I’m also worried about the battle system. Although the one review I read said the new battles are actually difficult and you will die a lot. That’s a nice change from the usual attack attack attack random battles. Also it seems like you restart in that battle if you die, so you don’t have to go through all the story again from the last save point, which is something I always hated.

I’m sure I’ll end up buying a PS3 and getting it, regardless. I’m also a dirty, dirty Final Fantasy whore.

Are they on the 360? Also, I need convincing that I should get them instead of the new one.

The combo stuff scares me away.
Also, I don’t get the hate for random enemy encounters. Apparently, some despise that?

Er…it’s also on the Xbox 360 if you happen to have one of those instead.

Though what you are saying about the battles is somewhat contradicted by what I’ve heard - namely, that they’re really not challenging at all. Of course, one man’s ‘challenging’ is another man’s “dull”.

Least Original User Name Ever - there are no FF games other than 13 on the 360. 1-3 were NES, 4-6 SNES, 7-9 Playstation, 10/12 PS2. (11 is an MMO and uh… was on Xbox or something? PC? I don’t even know) and 13 is 360/PS3.

Don’t be scared by the combo videos from Vesperia. It’s entirely possible to get through the whole game without even participating manually in a battle - non player controlled characters are run by a surprisingly decent AI, so if you -really- can’t cope, you can just put all the characters on automatic and -just- direct them to cast/use special abilities/items from the menu, but trust me - if my wife can play this, anyone can.

Edit: I think the hate for Random Encounters comes from games like Skies of Arcadia/FFX/various other older-ish JRPGs where the pattern was “take 5 steps, fight a random encounter, repeat”. Games with excessively high random encounter rates where random encounters are tedious are mostly the cause of this sentiment - but really, the Mana Khemia/Tales/Grandia/whatever method of having enemies visible on the mainmap is just better than random encounters even if you -don’t- hate on them.

It’s not the inability to hit buttons in a sequence to pull off the combos that I’m afraid of, it’s their existence altogether.

You lost me. Why does the possibility of something that is not required frighten you?

Vesperia combos aren’t done by hitting buttons in a sequence, like Street Fighter. I suppose you do hit them in sequence, technically, but since YOU assign what the buttons do it’s not exactly difficult. I didn’t really use combos that much when I played through it.

Don’t want to deal with it. To me, it has no place in it, other to complicate.

I may take the plunge anyways. I could be happy with the results.