The Firefly Gag Reel

So, has anybody else seen this fine piece of cinema?

It’s a full 5 minute production, apparently done (or at least hosted by) Nathan Fillion himself. Pretty damn funny.

Some moments that stand out are the Love Boat parody, and a funeral scene with a rotating camera angle…and the amazing reappearing Captain.

If you can get your hands on it and you’re a Firefly fan, watch it–you’ll love it.

(And for those of you who are so inclined, Nathan shows skin at the very end. Of all the people in the show who had to streak, it had to be him Sigh.)

It’s floating about Usenet and p2p right this moment and is not a very big file. 60 mb?

Uh, just for the exercise or hypothetically speaking, how would a dumb person find this file and download it? Would this person google “usenet”, “Firefly”, “Nathan’s naked tushie”? Once this gag reel is found, is there an easy way to download it knowing that this dumb person just has very basic computer skills and a 56k modem? Just for grins and giggles, why don’t you describe how you would do it and I’ll jump in and correct you whenever necessary? Remember, if the process has too many steps, requires specialized hardware or software, or takes longer than 15 minutes, I’ll . .er the dumb person will just give up and feel bad.

I think I’ve also seen it on Ebay. Or you could hit someone up who you know has it (and a cd burner) and have them burn a VCD for you.

Incidentally, it’s about 12 minutes–I double-checked. It just goes fast. :smiley:

Thanks, Fiver and slortar. I’ll check out Ebay, cause I didn’t feel like paying for Quicktime6.