The first cloned human baby is born: Has our world changed forever?

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…now, assuming that this is true, has our world now officially changed forever? Or is it just a new technology which is new to us, thus we look at it so oddly?

I mean, the very thing that the world has always pondered about is now a reality. What does this mean to the future of society, and the such now? Do you agree with this, do you feel anger for those who are going through with it?

Remember, let’s assume this is true, and 100% for real. Proof will be provided in the next two weeks, so untill it’s proven to NOT be true…

…let’s assume it IS true.

This makes it more difficult to assume it’s true…but I’ll try.

It will be easy enough to know for certain. As soon as someone really independent does the genetic comparison between the baby and the donor adult the answer will be in.

I would say that 100 years ago when the first powered aircraft flew, the world was changed forever. But, that wasn’t a bad thing, in that instance at least.

I seriously doubt this group really did it. But, it will surely happen in the not too distant future. If there is not a verified human clone in the next 10 years, I would be very shocked. I still suspect that it will remain uncommon for quite some time though.

HUGE leap of an atheist’s faith to assume it’s true…but, if it were, hmm. It’s hard not to read that article and laugh out loud.
Nonetheless, I don’t see why there is the big race of desire to do it unless it’s another moon walk thing. Just to be the first to clone a human. (unless this is the aliens’ plan). I have to agree with the sheep man and say that cloning needs to be investigated on an animal level before progressing into the human sphere. There are still too many ethical issues that haven’t been sorted out before making a copy of someone.

Uh, holy shit. This group who is doing this, has plans, big plans…

…they claim that humans came forth from aliens from space coming here and cloning themselves, thus birthing us. Their PLAN is to create a new race on Earth which can live forever, by cloning themselves over and over again, and plan to create an embasy so our alien “parents” can come forth and return to us.

Let’s say that they DID clone succesfully…

…holy shit, I bet other scientists are fucking pissed at these wacko’s!

They also plan to put one of their clone factory type things on every continent on the planet.

geez,…and I was joking about it being the aliens’ plans. Oh crud.

This is the first artificial cloning. Natural cloning happens all the time.

Yes, it raises issues, but similar issues have been raised in the last few decades by various technologies for assisted conception.

Does it change the world for ever? Yes, but lots of things change the world for ever. That happens all the time too.

So most of you agree it changes the world forever, but in no different a way than things such as air travel being invented? I disagree, and feel this is a lot more major than anything such as that.

Hmmm, well lets assume that these wackos have the ability to create twins through cloning.

For one I hope they are made responsible for any and all of the birth defects and/or long term defects that the procedure has caused.

Has our world changed forever? Hard to say really. Once they start using cloning technology to do actual useful things like regrowing tissue and curing diseases I could give a more unqualified yes. This is just a stupid trick done by stupid people who obviously have no understanding of ethics.

I’m not too much in the know about this, so don’t call me stupid…

…I thought that the pratice of cloning was illegal almost everywhere on the planet. If so, how were they allowed to annouce this in the US?

If it were true, it would be an amazing technological achievement, but I don’t think it will change the world at all. If a person is cloned, you aren’t getting a “copy” of the original person, you just get a baby that has to be fed, nurtured, and raised like all of the other babies in the world. The baby would grow up and have it’s own unique personality and view of the world.

Some people take some sort of doomsday scenario and think there will be thousands of clones having some sort of sinister purpose. For every person being cloned, you still need a woman who will volunteer to be implanted and carry it to term. No one will find those kinds of women in great numbers.

If human cloning is ever possible, I think it will just another tool for infertile couples, like in-vitro fertilization has become. Being a cloned person would be somewhat interesting, but actually a little less interesting than being an identical twin.

According to the same CNN article…
Legally, there’s very little to stop scientists from cloning. In January, the National Academy of Sciences recommended a ban on human cloning, but only four states – California, Michigan, Louisiana and Rhode Island – ban any type of cloning research.

pro human cloning website UN Treaty to Ban Human Cloning Stalled Nov 12 2002

I’m of the opinion that, eventually, this will be just another in the bag of tricks to combat infertility.

I’m old enough to remember “the horror! the horror!” from what was then called “test-tube babies.”

It’s now called in-vitro fertilization, and it goes on everywhere without so much as a shrug.

Milossarian’s on spot.

It’s a baby. That’s it. It’s a baby.

Sci-fi movies have conditioned us to think that we’re going to have to deal with a horde of Saddam Husseins, complete with baggy military fatigues, goofy mustaches, and mouthy attitudes. Wrong. At worst, we will have ONE Saddam Hussein, and a bunch of little Iraqi babies with his genetic potential.

Hitler is dead, and cloning him a hundred times will simply result in a bunch of short, dark, intense boy children. Whoopee. Any Catholic school can boast the same thing.

They’re babies. That’s it. Babies. We have discovered a new way to make babies. It’s expensive, risky, tricky, and requires the work of a team of highly trained professionals.

I doubt that it will, anytime soon, replace the method that I invented when I was a teenager.

I agree that it’s not such a big deal. I have ethical concerns insofar as there seem to be quite a few medical issues that haven’t been worked out yet, and I hate to see children saddled with these problems right from the start.

Am I the only one who thinks people are going to be very disappointed in their clones? It’s not going to be a little you, after all; won’t have the same growing up experiences, won’t know the same things, and might well turn out like your loser brother. A clone’s just like any other kid, why don’t people understand that?

Hey, Maximo, that’s an interesting point.

I remember when the whole “test tube baby” thing was going on. Are there still loony grannies going around screaming that test tube babies have no souls or whatever?

Or did they switch over to clones? And will clone babies have to put up with this sort of thing?


I never meant to imply that (unless you are personally attempting to clone humans), I apologize if it came across that way.

I have nothing against cloning in the sense of fearing some science-fiction doomsday scenario. It is really nothing more than an extension of in-vitro fertilization technologies that allows a new way to create an embryo. The technology for this is still in it’s infancy and is simply not safe enough yet to move on to humans as test subjects. Someday it might be there but I do not expect a group such as the one you cite to be able to make that descision. That is what I think is stupid.

Has the world changed forever? Once again not as much as you might think. There is limited use for the creation of human clones and the reality is never going to live up to the science fiction hype. The world really changed once we began to understand the genetic basis of reproduction.

Obligatory “Obscene Clone Fall” joke

Well, yes, they’re babies, but they’re babies that are guaranteed to be 100% compatible donors for people who are going to be needing transplants in a few years. That’s the main thing I’ve seen semi-rational people claiming as the icky thing about clones–“They’re just cloning themselves so they can get kidney transplants when they need them!” Kind of like buying a car company so that you can get a good discount on windshield washer fluid.

I’m afraid I don’t know the law about this but I suspect that this wouldn’t be acceptable. A clone is a person, and I don’t think you can force your minor child to give organs to you, and if they’re an adult, certainly not. Biologically a clone would be your brother/sister, but I’m thinking that the law would treat the child as your child. Maybe someone who knows more about medical law will come in here.