The First Lady of Nicaragua Wants a Shitzu!

This is one of those stories I only wish I could make up.

A few weeks ago I’m asking one of my co-workers what her weekend plans are and she replies, “My boyfriend and I are driving to Ohio to pick up two Shitzu puppies for the First Lady of Nicaragua.”

After blinking I ask her to explain, and it turns out her boyfriend’s family comes from Nicaraqua and they show a former and the current President. So when the First Lady of Nicaragua decides she wants a Shitzu, they call their family in America to look into getting one.

This is where my co-workers mother gets involved. She is one of those women that immediately adds three levels of complexity to anything she gets involved in. So she scours America for the finest Shitzu puppies to found in the country and finds a breeder near the Ohio-Illinois border. However, there’s a snag. The breeder would fly the dogs over, but needs to wait for a col day so they won’t die in the cargo bay of the plane. However, a cool day isn’t coming for like three months. So being the dutiful dog lover and with the promise of one of the puppies for her own, my co-worker and her boyfriend hop in the car for the road trip from Philly to practically Illinois.

There they meet and fall in love with the puppies, now dubbed Petey and Paco. She gladly entered the happy job of housebreaking, leaving the lab at lunch to take care of her babies, taking care of them until Paco would be able to handle the flight to Nicaragua.

This should be the end of the story, but now we have:

The Further Adventures of Petey and Paco! (Sounds like a Disney film just begging to be made doesn’t it? I told her to get an agent and go with it.)

First off, due to the heat of the cargo bay they were told they’d have to buy a seat for the dog. With a little grumbling they agreed to do this, and then were told that company regulation prohibit them from taking a Shitzu dog to a warm weather country. I don’t know if this is come sort of liability thing or if the Humane Society cracked down on them or what but they simply can’t take the dog from America into the air conditioned luxury life of the First Lady of Nicaragua. Apparently, this is why there were no Shitza dogs in Nicaragua to simply go buy. So now they are trying to pull strings or at the very least try and get Air Nicaragua to fly the little guy down there before my co-worker gets so attached that she’ll never give Paco up.

Can’t wait to heard the next installment of, The Adventures of Petey and Paco!

Well apparently I got my wish sooner than I thought.

Seems that neither Petey nor Paco will be going south after all, but one of their sister’s from the breeder instead. Anyone know a good latina P name for a dog?

Hey, I’ll get 'em for her. Just have her e-mail me her bank account info and credit card number…

This would be very funny if we were actually talking about Nigeria, not Nicaragua. :smack: