The first million dollar comic book

Nuff said:

And to think that when I was collecting as a kid (in the 70s) Action #1 in mint condition was worth $10,000.

Of course as a kid, my allowance was a little short of that, but still…


Oh wait, I do. But mine has no million dollar comic book! Dangit!

I bought a comic off the rack for the cover price in 1992 or 93 that was worth $100 the last time I checked. This thread inspired me to check again and it seems to have dropped to around $55. That’s disappointing, but it seems to be the only prospector era comic I have that’s worth anything. Most people probably didn’t buy it because it didn’t have a foil cover, hologram, 4 different fold-out covers or anything else that was guaranteed to let us all retire in the future.

I bought all the X-Man re-launch off the rack from Giant Size #1 to issues 94 up to the mid 100’s. Went back and got a bunch of prior X-Men to fill in, all for cheap.

Sold 'em all for a guitar amp right before leaving high school. Got, oh, $60 for Giant Size #1…:smack:

Which one is it?

The first issue of Sonic the Hedgehog, believe it or not.

There’s a place on eBay selling it for $55 right now. I’d link, but I don’t know if that’s alright here.

Kerpow! Now Batman beats Superman!

The second mllion dollar comic book.

Well, Batman is cooler.

Interesting. I heard some buzz about that auction a few days ago; they weren’t expecting to get more than ~$750K for it, IIRC. Nice chunk of change, in any case.

I missed out on another one, it seems. Grandma threw out too many comics when she did that mass cleaning back in 1951.

Oh well, at last I do have my original copy of Superman #17.

The problem is that when you are young enough to read them first
you rarely have the foresight to keep them in perfect condition

Well, he did have a few days to prepare.

Honestly, even if you’re not that young, you’re not likely to keep them in ‘perfect’ condition that would satisfy a collector. I’ve got a copy of Preacher #1 that I’d call mint, but when I took it to a comic book shop to ask if it was worth getting professionally appraised, the guy rattled off three or four things wrong with it and told me it might rate a 6/10. All I’d ever done with it was read it and stick it in the closet.

This is why I call myself a reader of comic books, rather than a collector. I actually get to enjoy them!

Yep. The tiniest defects can really ding the value. Both of the million-dollar books are 8.0s, a real rarity for comics that age.

I read recently there are only 100 copies of the Superman debut known and only two that are in better condition. If they were to come to auction then obviously they should fetch even more.