the Fishnet underwear sewn into swim shorts, wtf for?

I picked up several pairs of nylon swim shorts recently and they all have that fishnet stuff in them. is there a purpose for this stuff or am I crazy thinking its usless?
asking because unless somone comes along and says it prevents testicular cancer or something I am cutting it out of all my shorts. I got a small rash on my inner thigh from the stuff after it was rubbing my leg while wet from a swim.

As far as I can tell, they’re for keeping your naughty bits from dangling out.

Take a razor blade to them (the fishnet dealies, not the naughty bits…); that’s what I do.

Obligatory Simpsons reference:

Carl: “I think i just logged on to my internet.”

They’re to keep the pirhana at bay. Show some gratitude.

Many men, myself included, find wearing a Jock Strap to be a bit much under a swimsuit. The mesh is there to support one’s dangly bits, as has been said. It more or less does the job.

Those males who chose to wear Speedo- type of snug bathing suits don’t need to worry about mesh, since the swimsuit itself supports them.

This thread does raise the corrolary question: Do women’s bathing suits use underwires for more amply endowed swimmers?


Yes, some women’s swimsuits have underwires.

Yep-bikini tops are basically just bras made out of lycra/spandex.

But not all bikini tops have underwires. Not even most. Definately depends on your personal needs.

Yes. As others have said, some bikini tops are constructed very much like regular bras. Most one-piece suits have some sort of bra apparatus built in. Look at the right side of this page for descriptions of some of the different types.

Oh, and I forgot to say–some women’s shorts come with the net linings, too. It’s just built-in underwear. I love 'em for on the river. I’d rather wear lined shorts, a sports bra, and a coolmax t-shirt than a whole annoying swimsuit under shorts and a shirt. Less is more.

Fishnets underwear in swimtrunks? Ummm, for catching fish? :smiley:

At the local public pool, they won’t let you in unless your bathing suit has a proper lining. Yes, they inspect your suit before you can get into the locker room.

Well my “bits” might be a bit larger than your average bits but thats cause I am a bit larger than average myself…as for keeping my “bits” from dangling out…the shorts go down to my knees.
and I hate the pool anyway, chlorine is icky.
here come the sharp objects.

The obvious solution? Swim naked! :slight_smile:

Like the underwear it’s meant to replace, not only does the lining serve to keep the squad in formation, it also acts as a contact barrier between your wet skin and the wet “shell” fabric, preventing the latter from clinging to you.

You can find this same lining in all kinds of “high tech” athletic/performance gear where they serve the same function. Even though nylon is light and dries quickly, it doesn’t breath well without the aid of a modern meshed peticoat.

If the elastic at the end of the short’s lining is bugging you, I’d consider just snipping along the elastic and letting the lining (and your boys) hang free. It will still keep the wet shell from clinging to you, leaving the contoured definition of your loins safely in the realms of our imagination.

Did they specify why? I can only imagine public modesty as a reason. Given the lining’s porous structure, I can’t imagine it serving as any type of sanitary barrier. Maybe they also serve as pevic hairnets for the short 'n curlies? Did the public pool also enforce swim caps?

The Pelvic Hairnets

**Band Name !!! ** :smiley: