The Fix on Netflix

There was a thread here not too long ago about British panel shows and the question came up of why we don’t have similar shows in the U.S. Well, Netflix has stepped up to fill that hole with “The Fix.” They even imported Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan to prime the pump. My son and I watched the first two episodes this evening and we laughed a lot. My favorite bit was when Nikki Glaser, who I was unaware of before tonight, was describing her porn watching habits. Her dialog, the look on Katherine Ryan’s face, and the fact that she seemed to render Jimmy Carr semi-speechless combined to bring tears to my eyes from laughing so hard. If you like the British shows, I recommend giving this one a shot.

Yep, my son and I are enjoying the hell out of this as well.

Cool I’m a big fan of the British panel shows. I saw a short preview of this today on Netflix (because you can’t open Netflix without a damn preview) and I wasn’t sure if it would work. I’ll give it a try.

I gave it a try… after about 10 minuten I had enough. It has been shown before: Americans can’t really do British humor.

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It’s great. My wife and I have been watching and enjoying it.

Some aren’t as great as others, but most are excellent. DL Hughley has proven to be hilarious.

But they weren’t doing British humour, except for Jimmy. Katherine was doing Canadian humour and Nikki was doing American humor. I have a longtime crush on Ms Ryan, but hel-l-l-lo Ms Glaser!

He took a few episodes to get into the groove, I think, but he got there.

Once you get past Jimmy Carr’s laugh, it’s pretty good.