The Float Is Gone

The float is gone
The float is goooone away.

The float is gone
The float is goooone away.

And the money in my bank account
She just won’t staaay.

Take it away, Hal (or harmless, or h.q. …)

Deposited on Monday
I thought that I’d get by
I wrote a check on Wednesday
And they bounced it to the sky
Oh baby,
I got them fine print overdrawn blues

Bouncin’ checks again,
Just can’t wait ‘til I get paid again
The money I make is stretchin’ mighty thin
And I can’t wait ‘til I get paid again…
Bouncin’ checks again,
Buying things like a quart of gin,
It seems with banks I’m never gonna win
And I can’t wait ‘til I get paid again…

This is a dumb, dumb question.

I thought that “floating” or “kiting” cheques was already illegal.


(My dad told me that many, many moons ago, so I was always paranoid about writing cheques to make sure the funds were in place.)

Last time I checked with the local State Attorney’s office, it was.
Or at least they wouldn’t accept a claim on a bad check that you agreed to hold (post date).

It’s like my sister and I were discussing earlier.
We get paid via direct debit on Thursday.
At our local Wally World you could write a check for your groceries on Wednesday, knowing that in the day or two it takes to clear it would be covered.
Not so much *post dating a check * as just taking advantage of that time delay they’re getting rid of.