The following scenes contain images of explicit, graphic damage

The following scenes contain images of explicit, graphic damage
Do not watch if you have a weak stomach…

Parental Discretion is advised!
AGAIN, Do not watch if you have a weak stomach, you have been warned

This film has been rated ESD by the Technician Video Advisory Board
Final warning, turn back before it’s too late…

I can’t see it. :frowning:

(win 98 not SE, IE6)

(yes, this computer sucks)

That was dumb.

That was expensive.



Bomb squad?

Ok I think you’re taking the M and P too literally.

naah, something more mundane and pointless…

customer dropped it down a flight of stairs

first LCD that i’ve seen that was not just broken, but bent, the optical drive alone is almost folded over on itself

not a cheap fall, amazingly, the hard drive seems to be fine (i’m recovering data off it just in case, but it seems to work fine), thank Og the computer wasn’t running at the time or the hard drive’d be a total loss…

Rate that $$$.

I thought the new PowerBook drives were self-parking if they sensed that they were falling, so the drive might have been just fine if the thing was on. Yeah, I know - I’m not willing to test that idea either.


I feel kinda sick now. :frowning:

How could dropping it down the stairs do that much damage? I’m not sure I believe that story. Now, if you dropped it off the Sears tower, I can see that.

Do you have Quicktime installed?

GotPasswords, this was the previous-gen AlBook, BEFORE the auto-park system was implemented, it WAS a 1.25 GHz model…

MagicEyes, it fell down a complete flight of stairs, (2nd floor house to 1st floor), hitting a large number of stairs, the bottom case has a huge impact dent on the optical drive side i neglected to film, it’s clear that after the first couple of impacts, the screen clamshell opened, allowing more damage to the screen and screen housing

all the screw bosses along the back edge were shorn off, the impact was so severe that the ram actually popped out of the sockets

i’m actually hoping she wants me to dispose of it, as i can salvage the backlit keyboard optical sensor boards and install them in my AlBook with the non-backlit keyboard, all i’ll need is a new top case with the fiber optics

As a mundane and pointless response, what music was used? Some sort of movie background music. It sounded 2001-esque…but the thunder suggests otherwise.

My 15" Powerbook played about a third of the video, then the window mysteriously closed and a dialog box popped up that said, “I can’t allow you to view that video, Dave. It would be detrimental to the mission.”

That’s covered under warranty, right? :smiley:

it’s just the standard bundled sounds/music with iMovie HD, nothing special

I dunno – I’m dubious about the dropped-down-a-staircase story. Most staircases in a house are carpeted or made of wood and are fairly short. This thing looks like it was dropped down the Washington Monument.

According to the customer…

the machine was turned off, but she had just opened the clamshell when she dropped it, it was open as it fell down the stairs, hence the multiple-different-directions bends in the case and screen

happily, the machine filled out it’s “Organ Donor” card (or should that be parts donor card…)

the battery, one of the undamaged ram modules, and the backlighting controller boards will be given to needy Macs, the left hand fan, the speakers, the AirPort antenna cable and card carrying cage are also salvageable

i’m personally claiming the backlighting controller boards for my AlBook, all i’ll need to do now is purchase a backlight-equipped top case and move my keyboard over

EUREKA!, the backlighting fiber optics can be removed from the top case, maybe i won’t have to buy a new top case anyway…

I wasn’t seeing a broken lap top. I was waiting for a maniacal ax or sledge hammer to come crashing down. Guess I watch too many late night horror stories.