The Fonz's Bike

What kind of motorcycle did the Fonz ride around on in Happy Days?

IIRC, it was a mid-50’s Triumph. Can’t say which specific model, though.

Using Jet Jaguar’s post as a jumping off point, I found this page.

According to their research, Fonzie rode a Harley (either a Sportster or a Knucklehead) early on, and later switched to a ‘pre-unit 500 Triumph twin’.

Actually, rereading, they’re not sure which kind of Triumph it is. (Although no model is mentioned other than the pre-unit 500 Triumph twin.)

I decided to do some searching, and found this article about an automotive museum which includes a photo of Fonzie’s bike, which is part of their collection. It’s a custom Triumph, and the caption mentions he rode a Harley in early episodes.

ISTR that British bikes had the throttle on the left. (I could be mistaken, though.) IIRC this was used in an episode where Fonzie proved he couldn’t have snatched a woman’s purse with his left hand while riding his motorcycle because he could not have sped away if his hand wasn’t on the throttle.

Do I recall correctly?

Sort of. Fonzie was on the jury for a pursesnatching case and used that as proof that the defendant was not guilty.