The Fugitive Heather Tallchief

This chick is too good looking to throw into the slammer.

brinks truck babe

Check out the video link. You just dont see good looking women like that heisting armored trucks every day.

I say we give her a pass.

I am sickened by your post, not only that you would be that shallow but also because you seem to revel in it. I have half a mind to repo…(checking link)…Nice cheekbones! And she has been bad–very, VERY bad–and should go across my knee for an appropriate punishment.

Which pointless anecdote* first? (flipping a coin)

I worked with a fellow who had fallen for the propaganda on weekend cable and wanted to be sent to a womens prison. Then he saw a documentary on a real womens prison and changed his mind because there were no hotties in sight.

I complimented a woman on her cheekbones once. She thought I meant she had bony asscheeks.

    • An anecdote about my pointless anecdotes! We had a mini car show at our church social and there was a red '66 Buick Wildcat convertible my daughter fell in love with. She asked why I had never told my Wildcat convertible anecdote.

“Why do you assume I have one?”

“Because you ALWAYS have an anecdote.”

“Well, not about this car. Mine is about a red '66 Olds convertible, which was pretty much the same car. It was a cool, summer evening…”

Meh, I think the news lady was cuter (though those FBI Most Wanted mug shots aren’t the most flattering).

Plus, she pronounces garage “GARE-edge”. :shudder: