The function of socks on basketball sneakers?

I know what it is partly, on account of I’ve got a blister on one of my toes after playing a pickup game yesterday, but I could just put a preventive bandaid, couldn’t I, on that spot the next time I play basketball in those sneakers, right? And no blister.

I left the socks off because I foolishly bought the sneakers in a hurry a few months ago, thought they were acceptably snug, and they turned out to be mildly unacceptably smug, and resistent to loosening with wear, so I experimented with omitting the socks. The sneakers did fit better, and I can put a bandaid on that point the next time, but what else am I going to miss by playing sockless?

I’d think the main reason for socks would be something to deal with sweat. That and traction. I’d guess that without a sock, your foot would slide around inside the shoe, especially once your foot gets sweaty.

I agree with the sweat. My feet stink if I don’t wear socks, and, if I do it often, the shoes start stinking in a way that I can’t ever get the smell completely out. It’s even worse if they aren’t real leather.

your body will move against the shoes when the shoe stops moving, this could be irritating. the socks give some cushioning and friction buffering.

John Wooden knew socks were important.