the funniest thing i've ever seen

I dunno quite why, but i laughed harder at this than i have at anything in years.

Am i just really weird?

I smirked. Then I chuckled. Several seconds later, I was guffawing.

Man, that was funny.

Yes. You are just really weird. :slight_smile:

I smiled. Maybe I just don’t get it?


That was exactly what I needed. Amazing.

I’m with Rasa.


What’s life threateningly funny?

No, you’re not weird.

I really liked the “I Want Candy” series.

Well, it did get a little funnier as I thought about it. But, I didn’t guffaw. Sorry zyz, your suspicions of weirdness seem to be confirmed.

Well, I glanced at it, then scrolled down the page to find the funny thing.

Scrolled back up, kinda read it, checked to make sure the page had finished loading, and read it again.

Then I read it again, slowly and thoughfully. <like a little girl> smirk So I read it again. <goddamn pencil> chuckle

Yeah, that’s funny, and I’ve had a shitty day, so it’s the funniest thing I’ve seen today, but not quite up there for me. 'twas funny, though.

I read it… chuckled at the cleverness.

read it again, slowly, and pictured my friend steve say it. Laughed a little

read it and realized it said the PEN is mightier than the sword, and they are CRITISIZING the pencil, I lost it and fell outta my chair!!!

picture the person saying that with a Scottish or Russian Accent hahhahahahahha

WEAK, Like a Little GIRL!

::wipes tears from his eyes, and Mtn Dew from his monitor::

Funny, but not groin grabbingly funny.

very few things are groin grabbingly funny…

True but sad, my neighbor.

I like to pretend things are that funny though. Cheap thrills.