The Future of Money

We need to bring this interest system back in, Along with hard currency such as gold and silver If we wanna have any hope in hell of making this monetary system sustainable. Positive interest rates are the reason behind the system being so unstable and destined to crash We need to bring back negative or flat zero rates back across the boards. We will be unable to solve unemployment, pension, healthcare, and poverty without doing so

Belief in the gold standard is the economic equivalent of creationism.

Hope you have a thick skin. You’re going to need it here if you stick around. Posting this in the wrong forum is not the best of starts, even for a gold standard believer.

True, but support for the gold standard side-by-side with a demand for negative interest rates is strange, to say the least. Usually, gold standard believers claim that the evil federal reserve has demonstrated its evil by keeping rates too low. So pumping the gold standard and negative interest rates in the same post is the economic equivalent of pumping creationism and negative energy in the same post.

I’d equate it more to the conspiracy theory that the Moon landings were a hoax; both are ridiculous for many reasons, but neither requires supernatural forces. I’d say that the economic equivalent of creationism would be prosperity theology.

Bernie? Is that you?

Blind Sypher, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt while we check out your bona fides and not summarily ban you for spamming.

However, you should know that your first post is not going to be well received:
It contains no actual discussion points, merely linking to a video that may or may not be hawking something on which you might be seeking profit, and it (as noted by others) makes little sense.

If you wish to actually discuss this issue, submit a thread that actually makes a case for your beliefs in your own words. You may cite/link to other web sites, but if they are merely more stuff from Youtube, you will not impress your audience.

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