The future's bright - at least according to one website

I’ve just come across a very interesting sitethat predicts what will happen to our world (and the universe). As it says:

It takes a pretty optimistic view: we won’t wipe ourselves out, completely ruin the world, or get hit by any interstellar nasties. In fact, we end up as omnipotent beings without a care in the world - or the universe.

I hope they are right.

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That was an entertaining read until I got to “USA cedes four states to Mexico.”

Oh, please. :rolleyes:

It’s all fiction.

It’s not that I know the future and know it to be different. I don’t. NOBODY knows the future. All predictions beyond very short term, obvious stuff are hopeless guesses.

Don’t forget that by then those southern states have become deserts and the populations are moving north. Canada and the USA have become one entity too.

Yes, but isn’t fun and interesting to make those guesses?

Some of the far-out guesses are too far out to be reasonable without some inventions or discoveries far exceeding that of atomic energy or computers. Like terraforming Venus by moving its orbit to near-earth, or building a sphere >1AU in diameter. The scale far exceeds what puny man can tackle, at least for the next 10,000 years.

Now 100,000 years ahead, things might be different…

That’s in the same vein as predicted by The Next 100 Years. In that one, at the end of 2099 the southwestern states were still part of the U.S., but there were a ton of tension between Mexico and the U.S.