The Galactic Senate: Talk About Making Suasage

OK, so there is the Galactic Senate in the Star Wars mopvies that seems to be made up of thousands of representatives from wildly diverse planets, solar systems and such.

So tell me, WTF is the Senate supposed to actually do? What do they have jurisdiction over?

They declare things like Intergalactic Grandparents Day, decide to begin Black Hole-light Savings Time , and throw out the ceremonial First Pitch. The real decisions are made in a smoke-filled Back Vat somewhere in Otoh Gunga.

Presumably, they sorta mediate interplanetary disputes, like between the Trade Guild and the Government of a planet, say, Naboo. Some sort of accord reached when a committee weighs both sides of the issue, and reaches a common middle ground. I suppose, they could also mediate in those cases when there are two sapient species on the same planet, with two rival governments, to reach an accord. Note: none of that actually happens. Everyone always try’s to play the system for their own benefit, or ignores it completely. Possibly because the arena is so distant, and so diverse, it just won’t work.

…and they leave it to Jedi to clean up all the mess.

If you think a U.S. House of 435 members and a Senate of 100 is unwieldy, just try a Galactic Senate with thousands upon thousands…

Lately they’ve been spending a lot of time on galactic health care reform. It’s a real bitch when you’ve got immortals, clones, robots, and species that reproduce by asexual budding.

You know, an Emperor maybe Isn’t such a bad idea.

They were so disorganized that they never got around to setting up a military, besides the Jedi. That’s pretty feeble.

Though I bet CSPAN would be a lot more interesting if all the Reps & Senators had hovercraft they could fly around during debates.

“Will the gentleman from Hoth yield to the representative from Tattoine?”

“No, sir, I have the right of way.”

To be fair, the Republic didn’t really need an army. The Jedi had proven to be extremely effective peacekeepers.

―Obi-Wan Kenobi.

I’d hope that we’d disband our standing military if our police force was capable of maintaining order for over a thousand generations. There’s just no need for them. When the droid army surfaces on Naboo everyone seems surprised because aside from private security forces(such as the Queen’s guards) there doesn’t seem to have been a large scale military force in existance. There hadn’t been a war in centuries. Even Yoda wouldn’t have remembered the last one, if Ben’s comment is accurate.


Who says they didn’t have a military of some kind? Somebody was churning out war ships in those 1,000 years of “peace.”

Revenue cutters & suchlike.

“Cop cars”, as it were.