The Galaxy Dress

Ooooh, pretty!

Ok, it’s not all that pretty, but I like the future of it. If I were a pretty, skinny famous person going to the Oscars, I’d have them make me a more subtle version, with just a few colors, like a black dress and various shades of blue LEDs.

I think I’ll go down the the Museum of Science and Industry when the exhibit opens to see it in person.

In a few years this kind of outerwear (using more technologically-advanced and cheaper versions of the fabric) will be very commonplace, in regular clothing too. Kids (and adults) will be buying programmable light-up clothing in Target.

I thought it was actually going to be a black dress with the LEDs arranged in the shape of the Milky Way or something. That completely prosaic rank and file arrangement is BOOOORING!

I would totally wear an LED suit. Or an LED jogging suit. Actually, I’d wear anything with LEDs all over it, even the dress if that was my only option.

Maybe that’s how I’ll become a billionaire. I’ll design an active circuit fabric and sell an LED implanting device that works like the bedazzler.

Same here. Compared to my grandiose imaginings, the actual dress was a bit of a let down.

It’s like a grown-up version of those sneakers with lights on the sole. And yes, it would have been a lot prettier by actually using less LEDs.

Not a bad version 1.0 demo, IMO. They need to reduce the pixel size, and display more complex patterns, images, and full motion videos. The plain color thing gets old pretty quickly, but what if the dress showed the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory, the Declaration of Independence, Apollo VIII’s earth rise, a Mondrian, and other iconic images and videos. In rotation.

Or display a live NFL feed on the bodice - every man’s eyes will be fixed there for the whole party.

My first thought was video! Since I’m dirty-minded (and the wearer would be an attention whore anyway) I imagined a nude walk video that might or might not be the wearer: “You’ll never know!” Then I considered feature films across her lap.

Too bad the best they could do was a sort of rippling plaid effect.

Rabbit in the Moon got there first.

No indication of when that happened, but if it was recent, then Venus Hum got there first (it’s a Blue Man Group performance, and she comes out around 3:00).

24,000 lights is not a galaxy. 3 orders of magnitude off for even a dwarf galaxy. Maybe a globular cluster but not a galaxy. Doesn’t “the globular cluster dress” have a nicer ring to it anyway?

That is one ugly dress. I’d have to be really on my beam ends before someone could pay me enough to wear that!

Me too. I was picturing something akin to Kate Winslet’s dressin Titanic, but with tiny white LEDs sprinkled among the crystal beads. Or a black or midnight blue velvet dress with a spiral pattern reminiscent of the Milky Way.

That thing, on the other hand, is a cross between plaid and gaudy Christmas decorations.

Subtle. Understated. Demure.

Those words…I do not think they mean what you think they mean…

That is a fantastic clip, and it totally made my day. Thank you.

You’re welcome, but I just realized I gave the wrong link.

THIS ONE is the one I meant to post. It’s the same, but with audio in sync.

And yeah, I agree that the dress is kinda ugly and definitely garish, but as I said, I like the future of it.

Now THAT would be beautiful. I love that dress, and the red one too, the one worn when she was going to take her dive off the back of the ship. I can’t find a picture of it. A dress like that, with red LEDs, would be great.

Yeah, me too. I was envisioning this. (At 3:55)

Why stop with clothes, any reason implantable LED’s wouldnt sell to today’s depraved youth?