"The Girl from Nowhere"

From Wikipedia: “The first season was released on August 8, 2018, and a second season was released globally on Netflix on May 7, 2021, which exposed the show to international fame. It has hit number one on the currently most watched Netflix shows in Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines, while also ranking in the top 10 in countries around the world such as Brazil. The show has been critically acclaimed for the usage of unconventional storytelling and takes on modern high school society.”

It revolves around a girl named Nanno, who was raped, murdered and buried. She has come back as an entity to exact revenge on people who would do evil, but not in the standard teen slasher style you might expect. Instead, she senses the temptation to do evil in others, and she sets up the opportunity for them to act on those feelings. She basically allows them to self-destruct and go to complete ruin without ever raising a finger in harm. In fact, she is as sweet as can be but totally diabolical and manipulative in nature. In fact, it would be more merciful for her to kill them than to destroy them psychologically the way she does.

I give a hearty thumbs up!