"The Girl Next Door"

I am looking for a song somewhere around half way through the movie that sounds like the Beastie Boys. I checked out the soundtrack but no beastie boys on there.
Anyone have any ideas of who it is??



Don’t know if this will help, but these are the music credits from IMDB

Affter watching it again, the song is being played at the high school party when he brings her there with his two buddies.

HELP Please :smiley:

Is this the original hit version or a remake? John “Speedy” Keen was the singer on the original, but that record was credited to Thunderclap Newman, not John Keen.

Well, i found one of the songs. Its by Overseer, called Slayed.

Now that I have found that one, I found another song that i liked, it was more chilling acoustic ish sounding. Heard teh words ‘adelaide’ in there (i think)
Any ideas???