The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Remake

They have a Trailer for the remake:

What I found interesting was how they would show a scene for a second and I knew exactly where in the movie they were. It was almost like they are duplicating it shot for shot.

I don’t envy Rooney Mara. Every review is going to compare her to Noomi Rapace and I doubt that many will compare her favorably. She might do okay in the box office, since most people won’t have seen the original movie.

It’ll probably be better directed than the original - not because there was any problem with the original’s direction, but because David Fincher is one of the four or five best directors working today. He certainly isn’t a hack who’d remake a movie shot for shot.

Despite not liking the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, or Karen O, or Karen O’s last movie soundtrack work, or Trent Reznor, or Trent Reznor’s soundtrack work…

That Immigrant Song cover kicks all sorts of ass.

I cop to not being able to get more than 50 pages into the book, and doubt I’ll see the movie, but I do have a question: anyone know if the movie is supposed to take place in Sweden? Or just some unnamed snowy place where everyone speaks English? I know it was filmed in Sweden and Switzerland.

In it’s defense, the first 40 or so pages are quite a slog. You can gloss right over all that financial stuff, the minutia of it doesn’t figure into the rest of the story. Once Salander appears in the story, around chapter 3 or so, it picks up very quickly and I was able to really get into it.

The trailer looks pretty cool. I agree that some scenes look almost identical to the Swedish movie, but it’s the same book, how different can they really be? It looks like they are not going to shy away from from showing details of

the rape scene.

There is Swedish writing on the storefronts & cars seen in the trailer, so I doubt they changed the location.

Looking forward to this. Seems, at first blush, to be a more worthwhile remake than Let The Right One In at least. Agree that Noomi has pretty much ruined the role for anyone else trying to take a crack at it. (Tangent: She’s already probably too old, but if I had a time machine and a gun at the head of some casting executive, she’d also be my first pick to play Vin in the rumored adaptation of the Mistborn books.)

I struggled with getting through the first book and then opted to just watch the original series, which I really enjoyed. I don’t really read too much contemporary fiction, which was part of the problem. It also seemed like the translation sometimes missed the mark. For me, everything seemed to be delivered with the same lack of urgency. The same tone was used to deliver everything. I couldn’t ever get a real handle on the pacing or tension or suspense.

<insert the usual grumbling about the US viewing public being worse-off for not stepping outside of their comfort zones more often to just enjoy some of the solid foreign cinema that is out there>

I also recognized a lot of the scenes. I liked the original film, and I’ll probably go see this one. And this trailer does make the movie seem way more exciting than it could possibly be given the story.

But, I’m not one of those people who get bothered by shaky-cams, and when I saw this trailer on the big screen Friday night it made me feel like puking up my dinner and several internal organs. Plus, the words taking up the entire screen and appearing for only half a second were impossible to read.


The first Swedish movie was okay, but the sequels weren’t so good. Rapace was definitely the best thing about any of them.

I enjoyed the novels, so I’m looking forward to seeing Fincher’s adaptation of Dragon Tattoo (and hopefully the other two as well).

I loved all of the Swedish movies. This one looks like a great remake. Can’t wait for it to come out.

Them’s fightin’ words! Seriously, I thought Let Me In was one of the best movies across all genres last year, and certainly one of the best remakes in the history of ever. That’s coming from a HUGE fan of Let The Right One In, and someone who was an insufferable whining naysayer about there being a remake.

I’ve learned my lessons about jumping to conclusions. As a lover of the books and the Swedish movies, I can’t wait to see Fincher’s take on this story.

I just loved *Låt den rätte komma in * a lot, more than you apparently. Traitor! :stuck_out_tongue:

Happily so. Matt Reeves is now one of my new favorite directors (unlike many, I really liked Cloverfield a lot). I was already a fan of Chloe Moretz and she nailed that character. I can watch either version and be just as transported into the story and love them both equally.

Indeed. Living in Stockholm I recognise some of the bits from there. One that screamed out to me was the steps at 00:14. They are pretty famous and used quite often for film and TV due to the way they look quite unusual, getting thinner as you go up.

In fact, I walked past them just this evening on the way to the cinema to see X-Men: First Class.

Screen shot from the trailer:

A picture on Flickr of the location:

The location on Google Maps:

(Going up from Kunsgatan to Malmskillnadsgatan)

Maybe someone who actually read the book, could clear up the timeline in the original story.

The original events story looks like it they occurred during WWII and based on the appearance of the characters they story should have been set in the seventies or early eighties at the latest. The trouble is all the technology in terms of computers in the story is 21st century.

What am I missing?

There are flashback periods involving various characters

some of whom were Nazi sympathizers

but the narrative is contemporary.

The main storyline takes place in 2002-2003, however

the events surrounding the disappearance of Harriet Vanger take place in 1966, and there will probably be flashbacks to even earlier periods involving some older members of the family.

That is what is bothering me. The characters that are in the flashbacks should be somewhere between 80 and dead and most of them appear to be around 60.

Hmm, which characters are you thinking of? I just checked IMDB and the ages of most of the older actors are in line with the character ages in the book.

Sorry, I made a mistake. I went and watched it again in English instead of Swedish and it was obvious that the flashbacks were to the sixties and no the forties. For some reason the Nazi references caused me to fixate on the idea that the events started in the forties.

I just read the first book, am right now watching the first Swedish film, and really enjoying it. I haven’t seen the 2nd and 3rd films, but from what <very> little I can tell from posters and the trailers about the remake, the one playing Lizbet certainly looks very much in line with both the book and the Swedish film. I am confused about why people think she can’t match up?

No clue, I just don’t see why a remake needs to be made, just perhaps dub it for people who don’t want to deal with subtitles.