The Glendale Department of Water and Power wants to kill their customers.

I have a friend who got a new refrigerator under a low income program from the Glendale California DWP. They came out and installed her new fridge.

These morons cut the ground prong off the power cable. HER APARTMENT HAS 3 WIRE PLUGS! There was no reason to do it! THEY ARE FROM THE FREAKING POWER COMPANY! Makes it pretty hard to play dumb when they get sued in a wrongful death suit.

Ohh, are they are going to hear about this.

WTF!?!?!? Power company people cut off the ground prong, when there was no need for it? :eek:
The only way I could imagine this happening is if there’s some yutz in the DPW’s recieving dept. who does this to ALL incoming equipment. I just can’t imagine an installer, on the site, cutting that prong off before checking to see whether it’s needed or not.

Even recognizing that there are a lot of housing units that are improperly wired, where the ground isn’t grounded, it just doesn’t make sense.

I hope they’ll be fixing it, with an apology, soon.