The Glory That Is Starfruit

Any one ever had this stuff? It’s the best. My god, you slice it. . . and it comes out shaped like a star!!! Tastes like grapes kind of. But better. Ooohhhh. I love this stuff. What a perfect snack.

Maybe there IS a God!!! there is a FRUIT shaped like a STAR that tastes like a GRAPE! That has to be designed. It’s so very good. Perfection! Did I mention Starfruit is GREAT!?!?!

DaLovin’ Dj

Yes, I have tried it. Yes, I love it. You know what’ s good ----put some in flavored vodka (Stoli Rasp) and chill…mmmm…yummy…makes the fruit salad more fun.

Your first question basically sums up my interaction with this fruit. No one I know (well now I guess that’s changed) has heard of it!

And yes, it is quite yum. In your honor, I will go buy some this weekend.

I haven’t had any since we went to Florida when I was a teenager and we got it fresh from a farm stand. Delicious.

I never see it in any of the stores here, although they carry all sorts of other tropical fruit.

I’ve always thought that it tasted like a pear. Not a great pear, actually kind of a bland one. It looks really cool, though. They make a great garnish.


Where do you get in NYC? The only place I’ve found that has it is Dean & Deluca.


Good tip!!! Perfect for the holidays. “Hey! Get the kids out of the Starfruit!!! That’s daddy’s medicine!”

Dalovin’ Dj

I also love that stuff. Back in my not so distant youth my mom would get it all the time. The have it in the grocery stores here a lot. In Vermont. I know we don’t grow any here, but it’s always been pretty common in my mind. Well, common in availability, but not in the unique flavor/shape combination that is the essence of fruity goodness!

I have made careful note of the vodka suggestion…

Dj - I get mine at Fairway, the Store That Rocks My World. There’s one way up above the Artic Circle (132nd street), and one on 74th and Broadway or something like that.


I can spell.

ArCtic Circle.

Thank you.

I was watching Great Chefs of the World last night, and one of the featured dishes was a tuna tartare with grilled starfruit. The tuna tartare was sushi-grade Ahi with shallots, capers, chopped herbs, and olive oil; the starfruit was drizzled with olive oil, salt, pepper, and sugar, then grilled just enough to get the marks on it and caramelize.


A big fan, actually. A couple of Christmases ago I made a winter fruit compote for a family get together that included starfruit as a garnish and drew many complements.

My favorite way to enjoy starfruit is as juice. There is a starfruit/pineapple juice combination that is a pure delight. And it’s from the inexpensive section of the frozen juice cans, along with raspberry/guava and other goodies. Yes, I know that the actual fruit juice content is pretty low, but it’s still tasty. The slightly puckery starfruit combines beautifully with the heavy sweet pineapple for a very nice combination.

Don’t know about its availability nationwide, but if I can get it in a small town in Oregon, it’s probably widely distributed.

What about Pure Starfruit Juice? Like shoving a couple of those babies into a juicer? I’ll bet it would be incredible!

What about Starfruit Margaritas!!! God that would be amazing. I may have to change my sig to represent my fondness for this fruit of the Gods.

DaLovin’ Dj

… and if you have a starfruit tree, and a giant bird is eating the starfruit, and if you complain, but are sort of cool about it, the bird will fly you to an island and give you a sack to fill with the rocks there, which will promptly turn to gold. Just be careful not to take too much though, because the bird won’t be able to carry you on the way back and will drop you into the ocean.

Anyone else know that story? I know ones about durians and watermelons too, so watch out!

I like it, though I don’t eat it very often. Have you tried the starfruit Gatorade? They have it in my area, and it’s very good.