The good and the bad of Sid Meier's Civilization series

Do you know if any good numbers exist? While PC gaming stats may be up year over year, how does that compare in raw numbers to the big 3 consoles? My gut, though I admit to not being hardcore about gaming so take that with a grain of salt, is that the big studios are going all in on consoles. Because XBox and PC games are pretty similar they get released for both, but the number of PC-only games is vanishingly small.

How much of the success of Civ VI is based on the cross-platform nature of the game?

Consoles are bigger if you treat them all as one market, PCs are bigger if you track console sales independently. Mobile is bigger than anything else.

From this page of game market statistics.

Civ VI, specifically, sold over 5.5 million copies when this article was published in 2019, two months before the console versions released.