The good things about mustaches is...

…that after your done drinking, theres a whole nuther slurpfull left! MPSIMS.

I love mine. Had it 50+ years now. The beard changes from time to time. You can see my picture when Shayna is finished with her photo project.

The worst thing is cold weather.
Your breath condenses under your nose to make tiny icicles, and the instant you go back inside it melts, to make it look like your nose is running.

I dunno, I think it’s kind of cool to have a frozen mustache, at least, it’s kind of fun to play with before it thaws.

I love my mustache, I use it to store soup and beer for later consumption.

… I don’t have to shave my upper lip.

They tickle… :wink:

It filters impurities!

What purplebear said. They tickle…in all the right places!

tick clicklers

I had a handlebar moustache for years, and was so proud of it, but I don’t miss it now. I’ve just got a 30’s-style pencil moustache, like Clark Gable.

It helps me remember great dates:p

I can’t remember what my face looks like without a moustache, and it’s great for collecting froth from the top of a cappuccino. It gives you something to look forward to when you’ve finished the coffee.

I’m not allowed to shave mine off, otherwise I’ll be divorced - she’s never seen me without it!

It tickles in all the right places :smiley:

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Earning a nickel :stuck_out_tongue:

Got to go with you on that last slurp deal.

The one I hate though is eating ribs. Can’t do it in public without getting shocked looks when the 'stache turns red.

DVous–I have threatened many a mustachioed man with breakup if they shave it. I have this thing about mustaches. Like, they turn me into a wild, snorting, she-beast-in-heat.

I like mustaches! A lot! :smiley:

While they don’t make me become “a wild, snorting, she-beast-in-heat”, I do agree they make any man one notch more dignified.

(If he can keep free of food and drink and ice!)

I don’t have to trim my nose hairs.