The Governor of Pennsylvania and Crimes Against Humanity

While driving along a rural road outside of Joplin, Missouri last weekend, I saw the following sign outside someone’s home:

“Impeach governor XYZ WXYZ [I believe the name was Tom Rich] of Pennsylvania for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.”

Beneath the words “CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY” was a swastika :eek:!

Now, IIRC the governor of Pennsylvania is a Republican. Of course, in the eyes of some people, simply being a Republican puts one in league with the Nazis :rolleyes:. However, if that were the case, this same sign would also call for the impeachment of the governors of Illinois, Florida, New Jersey, Texas, and quite a few others.

So, WTF? Has the governor of Pennsylvania done something in the past that could be interpreted as a crime against humanity?

That’s Tom Ridge. It apparently has to do with a decision involving cutbacks in the state medical assistance program. A bit hyperbolic, to say the least:

I invite you to look at who is sponsering this stuff. Lyndon Larouche. Not a lot of credibility there.

Geesh! I didn’t even know about this “movement” (appropriate word for anything coming from Larouche) and I live in Pennsylvania!

When I read the OP, I thought maybe it was a reaction to his pro-choice stance.

Nah. After witnessing quite a few moderator smackdowns, I know better than to use GQ to make a political statement. :smiley:

Oh and BTW, yabob, thanks for the link. That answers my question.

And I agree with your assessment: a bit hyperbolic, to say the least.

Oops! I didn’t even notice which forum it was in. Apologies to the mods for bringing up the bait words in here…