The Great British Baking Show is back!

A double helping on PBS tonight! (At least on Boston PBS.)

Some day I’ve got to actually tackle one of their challenge items…

We’ve got back-to-back shows on our PBS station tonight too. Looking forward to it!

I’ve made Mary Berry’s Bakewell Tart. It’s delicious.

It may just be Boston. I just checked and tonight in Oregon we’re getting ‘The Coroner’, which we like, followed by two hours of ‘Shetland’, which we’d like to like but can’t make out what they’re saying a good part of the time.
I read that Mary and the two young women, (sorry, can’t remember their names) aren’t on the show anymore. Is that correct? It’ll be a loss if they aren’t.

Is Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood both in the new version?

Wife and I love that show - especially the Master Classes.

I’ve dropped cable so it may be some time before we can see any new episodes. Too bad.

Yes, Mary Berry, Mel Geidroyc and Sue Perkins ‘stayed loyal’ to the BBC.
They were replaced by Prue Leith (cookery expert), Sandi Toksvig and Noel Fielding (both established comedians.)

I think the show is still worth watching, but feel regret that our BBC has lost a programme.

I wasn’t as impressed with Prue, but Sandi and Noel are awesome.

Here in Oregon, we’re getting a re-run tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. of The Great British Baking Show from 2014, episode “Patisserie.” On Sunday, there’s another episode from 2012 airing at 7:00 p.m., “Cakes.” That’s all I can find for now.

Re Shetland, captioning is your friend, if that’s an available option. I love the show but can only watch with captions on for the same reason you mention. :slight_smile:

I’m outside Chicago and I’m getting it! Can’t wait!!

What does each week’s “Star Baker” get beside acknowledgement from the judges? Any prize?

Does each baker start at level playing ground each week. Or does a Star Baker from a previous week get a benefit of a doubt?

Guesses based simply on having watched a couple seasons…

The Star Baker gets nothing but warm fuzzy feelings. (Hey, all the Grand Prize winner gets is a cake display plate.)

Fresh start each week. I’ve seen people go from Star to eliminated the following week, and others who barely survived winning the next week. Though I suspect there’s a tiny bias in that if they had two candidates for elimination that were essentially deadlocked some week, but one of them had excelled at various times in earlier weeks while the other had been near the bottom a lot…

Yes, I think they’ve been pretty open about previous performance being used as a tie breaker. But I also think they’ve been pretty consistent about using it only for that purpose.

Aspenglow, I think the “new” season that’s airing is actually an old set from 2012 that hadn’t been shown before. It’s the last set that will have the old hosts.

It’s all very confusing, because according to wikipedia there have been eight seasons. I’m just utterly ticked off that they haven’t been shown here. You can see four seasons and a few of the Masterclasses on Netflix, but what about the rest?!?

Here’s a good synopsis of what happened behind the scenes.

Some of the winners have written cookbooks, have newspaper columns or appear on TV. But, yes, the only official award is nominal. And actually, that’s one of the nice things about it. There’s also the fact that it’s very gentle and friendly. American shows tend to be more cutthroat. (Another example; I remember watching an episode of Scrapheap Challenge in which there was a team from the UK versus a team from the US. The American team worked straight through the allotted time, while the UK team took a tea break partway through.)

LOL, oh! That explains my confusion, then. :slight_smile: Whenever they air one, I just watch it, even if I’ve seen the episode before. I’m charmed by the show and love the esprit de corps shared among participants. I’m a decent home cook, so I love watching how they approach their challenges, wondering what I might do the same or different.

Thanks for setting me straight!

Yes, this season is only new to us in the US - I think there may be one more of the old seasons (#2, from 2011) produced by the BBC that PBS can buy, and that will be it. I doubt the shows being broadcast on the UK’s Channel 4 will make it over here, at least on PBS.

This is a lovely season. I would be besties with all of them. Watch out for Shetland Isler James’ stunning tank top.

I’m outside Chicago. WTTW is showing the original season 3 of GBBS. I watched it on YouTube years ago and it is one of my favorite seasons.

As an aside, does anyone here know how to pronounce Mel’s last name, Giedroyc? I’ve never heard it said out loud and I’ve no clue where to start with that.

Something like “Ged-Roysh” - she says it in the first few seconds of this video